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11 US cities — all governed by Democratic mayors — listed among 50 most dangerous in world

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Creating a dangerous and insecure America with their mad communist paradise of job-killing-welfare-building policies and institutions, the Democrats have worked tirelessly over the last few decades to establish themselves as the global leaders in crime. Their political agenda is plainly intended to degrade marginalized groups to the point of complete reliance on the government.

Consider the impact on disadvantaged areas of the decades-long drive to defund and cripple local police forces. It has made them a paradise for gangsters and criminals.

In 2003, Maya Harris, the sister of Democrat Kamala Harris, produced a comprehensive guidebook for grassroots organizers detailing how to attack local police forces and knock them to their knees, leaving them completely impotent so that criminals could take control. Twenty years later, in 2023, the effects are evident: the Democrats have the world’s most ruined cities.

The most recent rankings of the world’s most dangerous cities, as published by Just the News, demonstrate what occurs when Democrats incite ethnic discord and widespread anarchy.

“Three Democrat-run U.S. cities rank in top 20 on the annual list: Baltimore (#15), Memphis (#18), and Detroit (#19). Two more are among world’s 30 most dangerous: Albuquerque (#23) and St. Louis (#27),” JTN reported, adding:

Eleven U.S. cities rank among the 50 most dangerous in the world, according to a recent report published by Numbeo, a global quality of life database. All 11 are governed by Democratic mayors.

Baltimore, Memphis, and Detroit are listed as three of the twenty most hazardous cities in the world.

The three cities share more than violent crime in common. Each is governed by a Democrat.

Baltimore is ranked 15th on the yearly list of the most dangerous cities, with Memphis and Detroit following closely behind at 18th and 19th, respectively.

The outlet added details about the leadership:

Brandon Scott, just 38 years of age, is the mayor of Baltimore. Jim Strickland Jr., an attorney and politician, is the 64th and current mayor of Memphis, where the Memphis police department has just announced plans to permanently deactivate the unit that five of the officers involved in the vicious beating of Tyre Nichols belonged to. Mike Duggan, meanwhile, is currently serving as the mayor of Detroit.

Albuquerque (#23), where the 45-year-old Tim Keller serves as the 30th mayor, and St. Louis (#27), where Tishaura Oneda Jones has served as mayor since April of 2021, are two more American cities governed by Democrats.

New Orleans (#35), Oakland (#38), Milwaukee (#40), Chicago (#43), Philadelphia (#46), and Houston (#50) are six other Democrat-run cities that rank among the world’s 50 most hazardous. Again, these cities are all governed by Democrats.

The data from Numbeo includes both a Crime Index, which is an estimate of the overall crime levels in a certain city, and a Safety index. A city with a high safety index is regarded as extremely secure. A city with a high crime index is anything but desirable. If a city’s crime rate is below 20, for example, this is regarded as great. Between 20 and 40, the crime rate is seen acceptable; between 40 and 60, it is regarded moderate; and between 60 and 80, it is deemed high. Lastly, a crime rate above 80 is deemed alarmingly high. The Safety Index is scored in the exact opposite manner, with scores above 80 indicating that a city is extremely safe and scores below 20 suggesting that a community is on the verge of being uninhabitable.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

Baltimore has a Crime Index score of 75.5 and a Safety Index score of 24.5. “Charm City” finds itself sandwiched between Port of Spain, the capital of Trinidad and Tobago, and Rosario, Argentina’s third-most populous city. CONTINUE READING…

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