15 Former Trump Officials Conspiring to Stop Him from Running…

A group of former Trump administration officials will meet next week in an effort to avoid “tumult and chaos” as a result of their former boss’s administration. Per former White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham, ‘chaos and destruction’ will be kept from enveloping the country.’

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About 15 former White House aides and other members of the Trump team have been holding zoom meetings and conference calls to plan strategies, said Grisham, who was also the chief of staff to former first lady Melania Trump.

‘We’re going to talk about how we can formally do some things to try and stop him and also, you know, the extremism that that kind of violence and rhetoric that has been talked about and continues to divide our country,’ she said.

‘I think that there were a few of us, who … have been sitting back watching him continue to manipulate and spread this big lie and continue to harm our country and [we] started some informal chats,’ she said according to one report.. ‘And then started throwing around ideas of what we could do, how we could formalize it, started outreach to some other people and then, you know, it’s going to culminate into this meeting next week and we’ll go from there,’ she said.

‘I, myself, am hoping to travel the country and talk to people who are believers like I once was, and I want people to understand who he is. He cares about no one but himself,’ she said of Trump just moments before President Joe Biden disparaged him as a ‘defeated former president.’

For about a year, Grisham did not hold any news conferences as White House press secretary, then quit with Melania Trump on Jan. 6, 2020. In her tell-all book published last year, she ripped the former president, and says she wants to get her point across more widely.

Her goal is to reach out to Trump supporters.

‘I just think that it will be important for people in this country who are still supporting him to hear from people who actually worked with him day in, day out, worked with a lot of people in his inner circle. We’re not going to just talk about, you know, the former president. We’re going to talk about the people who are surrounding him still now and who they really are,’ she stated.

‘I’m hoping that people will talk to somebody like me or some of these other people who really did believe in Trump and understand that you can still be proud of his policies. You can still be behind a lot of the America First policies that he implemented, which I am, but it doesn’t have to be him. It just doesn’t have to be this man who has caused such chaos and destruction in the country,’ Grisham continued.

There is no further explanation of how the effort would work or what it would involve from Grisham, who appears to be just getting started. Her group, she says, consists of ”about fifteen right now.’

In response to a question, she answered, she mentioned how Trump might respond with one of his hypothetical barbed releases.

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With her best Trump impression, Grisham said: ‘This group of losers and RINOs and haters are just coming together because they were so terrible at their jobs. My supporters will stand strong. And, you know, we won’t pay any attention to them. It’s going to be something like that,’ she said. A statement like that, she said, would simply prove ‘he’s more and more concerned.’

On Wednesday, she met with members of the House Jan. 6 committee. Trump put out a tweet asking protesters to leave after 187 minutes when they stormed the Capitol. Grisham did not seem to have any information about what exactly Trump did during the time between the storming and the tweet.

She did not know who specifically pleaded with Trump to do something about the few people who were violent that day.

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‘I don’t know specifically. I know that Mrs. Trump did not. So there’s that. You know, all I know about that day was that he was in the dining room, gleefully watching on his TV, as he often did. [Saying to himself]: “Look at all of the people fighting for me.” Hitting rewind, watching it again. That’s what I know.’

The vast majority of protesters were peaceful, with only a handful of the hundreds of thousands in attendance becoming violent and entering the Capitol Building. Republicans are currently investigating whether paid FBI informants acted as agent provocateurs and incited the crowd to violence. During his speech at The Ellipse prior to rally-goers marching to the capitol, Trump told the crowd to peacefully and patriotically protest which 99.99% of them did. Democrats continue to blow the violence out of proportion with Biden equating it to 9/11 and Pearl Harbor in his January 6, 2021 anniversary speech today.