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2 Additional Train Derailments, 5k Gallon of Chemicals Spilled

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On Thursday, two BNSF trains derailed in separate instances in Arizona and Washington state, with diesel fuel leaking into tribal grounds around Puget Sound.

There were no injuries recorded.

It was unclear why either train derailed.

In Washington, the derailment happened on a berm along Padilla Bay on the Swinomish tribe reserve in Anacortes.

According to the state Environment Department, the majority of 5,000 gallons of spilt diesel fuel flowed on the land side of the berm rather than into the ocean.

There were no signs that the leak entered the water or affected any animals, according to officials.

As a precaution, responders deployed a boom along the beach and evacuated the remaining fuel from two wrecked locomotives.

Four tankers were still upright.

A train carrying corn syrup derailed in western Arizona, close to the state’s borders with California and Nevada.

Anita Mortensen, a spokesperson for the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office, stated that she was unaware of any spills or leaks.

Lena Kent, a spokesperson for BNSF, stated that eight derailed cars were obstructing the main track in Arizona.

The inquiry into the reason of the disaster is ongoing, and it is still unknown when the track will reopen.

More on this story via The Western Journal:

The derailments came amid heightened attention to rail safety nationwide following a fiery derailment last month in Ohio and a string of derailments since then that have been grabbing headlines, including ones in Michigan, Alabama and other states.

The U.S. averages about three train derailments per day, according to federal data, but relatively few create disasters. CONTINUE READING…

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