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24/7 Revival Comes to an End at University After 13 Days and 50K People Flock to Town

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The revival that erupted at Asbury University on February 8 and flooded the little Kentucky hamlet where the university is located has ended.

Over 50,000 people have gone to Wilmore, Kentucky, which has a population of 6,000, since the revival began during an evening church session.

“Authorities were required to divert traffic away from Wilmore.” According to ReligionNews, Asbury University President Kevin Brown stated that Our town’s institutions and our town’s infrastructure is just not in a place to absorb the influx of the blessed guests that we have had.”

The institution is currently seeking off-campus sites for continued prayer sessions. As of Tuesday, these places had not been disclosed.

Mark Whitworth, vice president for intercollegiate athletics and university communications at Asbury, stated, “This is unprecedented for our university.”

“It is obvious that God’s hand is on this; we’ve seen that in just how He’s met our needs spiritually and even logistically,” he added, highlighting the assistance of police departments from adjacent towns.

Asbury Jennifer McChord, vice president of enrollment and marketing, stated that the conclusion of the monumental services is not the end of what has begun at Asbury over the past two weeks.

“I believe that this will absolutely grow, and I believe where it will grow from is our college students and our high school-age students. That generation is truly leading this. I believe God has something super special for Generation Z, and I believe he’s moving them into a place to be leaders,” she said.

“Jesus calls us to go out, so now that we have come in and received amazing filling up, it’s truly time to go out and share the Gospel, and carry the light and fire into our local communities, our local homes, our local churches, schools and workplaces,” she added.

More on this story via The Western Journal:

The college announced that on Tuesday and Wednesday, evening services in its Hughes Auditorium will be open only to people between the ages of 16 to 25. On Thursday, a service marking the National Collegiate Day of Prayer, will be held, with attendance limited to those under 25. However, there will be live streams of the events for anyone who wishes to attend virtually. CONTINUE READING…

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