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25-Year-Old NFL Player Announces He’s Stepping Away from Football After Being Diagnosed with Cancer in ‘Somewhat of a Miraculous’ Way

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Foster Moreau, a former Las Vegas Raiders tight end, stated in a series of Wednesday night tweets that he was “stepping away” from professional football after being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s cancer.

During a routine medical examination, the New Orleans Saints’ medical staff made the diagnosis, according to the 25-year-old, through a “miraculous process.”

“Through somewhat of a miraculous process, this free agency period has been life changing for me,” according to Moreau. “After a regular checkup done by the Saints’ medical staff in New Orleans, I discovered that I had Hodgkin’s lymphoma. I will be leaving football for the time being to face a new foe: cancer. I’m thankful for the support and for those who have stood by my side. I have never taken a single step without hundreds of individuals illuminating the way, and I will continue to seek their direction.

“That being said, I’ll go kick this thing’s a** and get back to doing what I love! AMDG!”

The acronym AMDG is derived from the Latin phrase Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam, which means “for the greater glory of God.” It is the motto of the Jesuits, also known as the Society of Jesus. Moreau attended a Jesuit high school yet played collegiate baseball for Louisiana State University.

Following the 2019 NFL draft, Moreau spent four years with the Raiders before hitting free agency.

According to the Mayo Clinic, Hodgkin’s lymphoma affects the immune system, causing swelling and growths across the body due to the overproduction of lymphocytes, a kind of immunological bloody cell.

“Advances in diagnosis and treatment of Hodgkin’s lymphoma have helped give people with this disease the chance for a full recovery,” according to the clinic’s website.

Undoubtedly, this was the expectation of Twitter users.

“The 5-year relative survival rate for all patients diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma is now about 89%,” the American Cancer Society says, although there are of course many factors that could affect an individual’s chances of survival and recovery.

Several of these, like age and general health, appear to be on Moreau’s side.

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