30-Mile Convoy Descends On D.C. Overnight With Massive Surprise

After travelling nearly 2,500 miles from southern California, the People’s Convoy, believed to be 30-miles in length, will march into Washington, D.C., on Sunday, calling for more “freedom” and the removal of COVID-19 mandates they deem “unconstitutional.”

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On Friday night, the convoy arrived at Hagerstown, Maryland – its final stop before heading to the nation’s capital, which is now approximately 75 miles away or about a 90-minute drive – with at least an additional 1,000 vehicles added to the 30-mile long convoy at this juncture. The group confirmed to DailyMail.com that it will spend all of Saturday at Hagerstown Speedway before continuing to D.C.

As thousands of demonstrators joined the truckers at the speedway, fireworks lit up the night sky and a giant American flag was unfurled amidst the lights of dozens of trucks.

Organizers of the convoy have finally revealed their plan for the rest of the protest, late Saturday evening.

According to the Washington Post, a caravan of trucks, cars and SUVs will circle the Beltway – the 64-mile highway surrounding the city – on Sunday morning and through the rest of the workweek at the minimum speed limit to slow traffic and get their message to lawmakers.

One of the organizers, Brian Brase, stated that the plan is to drive around the Beltway twice before returning to the Hagerstown Speedway. This week, the convoy will clog one of DC’s main arteries until the group’s demands are met, Brase told The Washington Post.

One organizers did not exclude the possibility that trucks would honk their horns along Pennsylvania Avenue.

“I can tell you now that there will be select trucks going to the White House,” organizer Dan Fitzgerald revealed on his Friday morning livestream. “I don’t want people thinking we are invading D.C. This is not the convoy going into D.C. commons. This is a few select drivers.”

Due to the group’s planned arrival in the capital city, authorities have raised concerns about security and are on high alert in D.C. The Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police Department, as well as the Maryland and Virginia state police, have been asked to monitor the group.

There has been a reintroduction of the fences around the Capitol building ‘out of an abundance of caution’, according to authorities.

Dustin Sternback, a spokesperson for the Office of Police Communications, described on Friday the convoy situation as ‘fluid’. He added: “Any sort of response strategies will be implemented in real time.”

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Organizers of a People’s Convoy are demanding President Joe Biden end the national emergency originally declared during the pandemic in addition to scrapping any remaining mandates related to Coronaviruses. The group began as a protest in Canada started by truckers upset at vaccine requirements to cross the border. According to the truckers, the mandates are a violation of their constitutional rights.

It should be noted, however, that nearly every American state has either lifted or relaxed the requirement for wearing an indoor mask, or has set a date for doing so in the near future. There is one holdout, Hawaii, which has the strictest mandates of any state in the country during the pandemic. The National Academy for State Health Policy reports that only 19 states have current vaccine mandates in place – but they do not apply to all people and the requirements differ from state to state.

Politicians are alleging that the group is calling for greater accountability to the federal government as well as addressing additional political issues such as the alleged ‘fraudulent’ 2020 election and the invasion of the Ukraine by Russia.

A number of convoys, including the People’s Convoy, will be traveling to the Greater Washington D.C. area this weekend.

As the caravan moved across the country more truckers and protestors joined in its ranks, leading to a cavalcade that, at one point, covered eight miles, now covers a distance of 30 miles, according to Times-Reporter journalists following its progress.

Throughout its journey, the group was always met with waves of supporters adorned in red, white, and blue holding signs and flags on the overpasses of interstates.

“It’s a high, seeing all the people on the overpasses and the sides of the roads,” Said 53-year old Idaho-based freight trucker Craig Brown, according to the Washington Post. “All these people treating us like we are heroes.”

“The American people have supported these guys so much,” Nevada woman Trish Glatter told the Times-Reporter after wrecking her pickup truck in Oklahoma. “It cost about $800 to fill one of these trucks up with gas and this is being paid for by the American people.”

She said that her fellow convoy members refused to let the accident stand in the way of her mission, and instead offered to take her to Washington with them: “This is a group of truckers of men and women that are so together. Everyone is a peaceful family on a mission that they will not step back from.”

Additionally, passersby have hailed the truckers as ‘brave’ heroes for fighting for their rights.

“I think our country is being taken over by people that don’t have our best interest at heart and we are just here to wave our flags and support the truck drivers that are brave enough to do this,” supporter Sharon Hanning, of West Virginia, said.

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“I have a lot of Canadian friends. I watched the Canadian convoy,” Susan Johnson, of Tennessee, echoed. Johnson had also ventured to D.C. for the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

“I love it,” she added. “I felt that it was really important that we support the USA, the Constitution the Bill of Rights.”

The People’s Convoy is calling for federal authorities to be held accountable for encroaching on the rights of American citizens.