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911 Victims Lawyer has Urgent Message For East Palestine Residents

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The accident in East Palestine, Ohio has so far had the most far-reaching impacts of all the railway derailments and crashes in recent days. During the accident, the poisonous chemicals in the derailed vehicles were discharged, flowing away from the debris, and the burning of the wreckage to prevent an explosion released noxious odors into the air.

On February 3, at 8:55 p.m., a Norfolk Southern train derailed after leaving the rails. The reason of the disaster, according to federal investigators, was a “mechanical issue with a rail car axle.”

After the incident, homeowners have complained about headaches, inflamed eyes, and soot-covered vehicles and gardens. The toxic chemicals that leaked from the train killed tens of thousands of fish, and locals have reported discovering sick or dying animals and pets. People are dissatisfied by what they perceive to be scant and imprecise information regarding the disaster’s enduring repercussions, which caused evacuations.

Residents of East Palestine remain unconvinced that the water and air are as clean as they should be, expressing on social media about their conditions and the poisonous residue’s effects.

In reality, the federal administration insists that the region is safe and has not recommended evacuation.

According to the Associated Press:

EPA Administrator Michael Regan, who walked along a creek that still reeks of chemicals, sought to reassure skeptical residents that the water is fit for drinking and the air safe to breathe around East Palestine, where just under 5,000 people live near the Pennsylvania state line.

“I’m asking they trust the government. I know that’s hard. We know there’s a lack of trust,” Regan said. “We’re testing for everything that was on that train.”

The Associated News stated that EPA Administrator Michael Regan said to “trust the government,” a tough order in the current times of post-COVID-19 and vaccination discoveries, discovered papers and laptop lists. There is also the problem of similar claims made following the twin towers assault on 911. In addition, it was claimed at the time that the hazardous dust that coated Manhattan was “safe,” which has now been disproven.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

A lawyer who represents 9/11 victims was baffled by the EPA’s claims that the “air is safe” following the East Palestine train derailment and release of highly-toxic chemicals. Michael Barasch, whose law firm represents thousands of 9/11 victims, said East Palestine residents should not trust the EPA. Although the federal government stated that the dust was safe, people who breathed the toxic fumes continue to suffer from debilitating illnesses. In an interview with Breitbart News, Barasch said it sent “shivers” up his spine when he heard the EPA comment that East Palestine’s air quality was fine. CONTINUE READING…

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