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A DOZEN House Republicans Deliver BAD NEWS To Kevin McCarthy

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A House Republican indicated that Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s quest for House Speaker may fail owing to the House Freedom Caucus’s vehement opposition.

Rep. Bob Good (R-VA) stated that at least a dozen Republican members of the House intend to vote against McCarthy for House Speaker.

Rep. Bob Good told political radio presenter John Fredericks, “I believe we have at least a dozen or so… that will do what needs to be done on the House Floor to ensure that we get an improvement in the Speaker situation.”

“You know he’s going to be making deals left and right, as we speak, he’s on the phone now making deals – that’s how he got MTG, right. [McCarthy] cut her a deal…but you’re telling me you got a dozen ‘hard nos’?” Fredericks asked Rep. Good.

“I believe…that there’s a dozen or so who will show the steel courage that’s needed…that will not be persuaded. I hope that it’s more because I will tell you John…we got five or six, [a] handful of freshmen [congressman] who’ve come in who’ve shown some real steely resolve, some real courage. Because, when you get here John, you’re told, and I’m in DC now… but pressure gets on those freshmen [congressmen] coming in, ‘hey you better be careful, you better watch out, don’t be part of the Freedom Caucus, you know, because then you’re gonna fall out of favor, you’re gonna have consequence, you’re not going to get committee assignments you want, you’re not going to get the money that you want, you’re not going…to be promoted by leadership.’” Rep. Good explained.


From National File:

“But we’ve got some freshmen come in who I think are going to join the ranks and I think we’re going to be strengthened there. And what will be interesting to see is what happens as a result of the 31 who didn’t vote for him [McCarthy]. It’ll be an interesting few weeks…” Good continued.

49 days from today we’ll all go on the House floor and we’ll declare to the country who we support for leadership and we’ll declare to the country ‘do we reflect the base?’, ‘do we reflect those who sent us here?’, ‘are we truly going to do all we can to fight for the things we said we’re gonna fight for?’, ‘are we going to do everything we can to block and undo the Biden agenda with the power of the purse and the power of oversight and the power of funding and the ability to pass legislation through the House and demand that he sign it or let him shut down the government or let Schumer/McConnell shut down the government if they don’t pass what we pass in the House?” Good concluded.

Rep. McCarthy won the secret Republican vote 188-31, but securing his candidacy for House Speaker will be difficult.

Listen to Rep. Bob Good’s whole interview on Rumble:

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