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ABC Blurs Out “TEXT TRUMP AT 88022” on Podium During Tuesday’s Speech to Block Donations to His Campaign

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President Donald J. Trump, who is a Presidential candidate for 2024, does not need help from corporate media and their mainstream corporate allies to raise money, but it is interesting to see what these media and entertainment groups will censor and what they report to the public as the self-appointed regulators of content and worthiness to be elected by the people.

ABC News was captured censoring Trump in a manner that they have never censored anyone else as individual donors continue to pour in despite Trump’s indictment this week.

For candidates relying on the possibility that Trump cannot win the general election, the fundraising haul and the outpouring of sympathy over the charges may prove fatal, and the “administrative state” may help soften the blow by holding Trump back, according to the Washington Examiner.

“Let’s say the average is a $50 donation. That’s a potential voter,” the GOP operative said. “It reminds me of 2015, 2016, where people really saw him as that outsider who is going to go in there and drain the swamp.”

MSN reported that Trump’s counsel Joe Tacopina touted Trump’s fundraising totals on Monday, following the former president’s indictment on criminal charges and prior to his arraignment on Tuesday in Manhattan.

“It’s gonna be a new campaign strategy. Get yourself indicted and you raise a lot of money,” Tacopina said in an appearance on Newsmax’s “The Balance,” when host Eric Bolling highlighted that Trump has raised millions following his indictment.

“Most people get indicted, and if they happen to be running for an office or something, that’s sort of the end of their run and most likely their political career. Donald Trump gets indicted and his numbers go through the roof,” Tacopina said.

And it is fascinating to observe who believes that the events surrounding Trump constitute fair and just treatment of a presidential candidate.

According to Tucker Carlson, this is the most flagrant election interference scheme ever.

ABC News is now complicit with the rest of the schemers, presumably because they are aware of the polling data and the target audience, as well as who is responding to Trump and sending him the money that is likely to derail the campaigns of the other candidates.

“We’re talking about grassroots, small-dollar donations,” said a GOP presidential campaign operative, acknowledging the push as an effort “to raise as much money as possible off of the indictment,” Kathern Doyle reported for Washington Examiner, adding:

The advantage, according to this individual, is that “smaller donors tend to be voters.”

According to senior adviser Jason Miller, since the indictment late last week, Trump has raised more than $8 million. Additionally, Trump’s campaign website sells T-shirts with a fake mugshot.

In addition, he leads in the surveys among Primary voters, and his lead is growing as the corporate media and unjust- judicial system demonstrate their malfeasance.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

“ABC News, a proud member of the State-Run Media, was working double-time on Tuesday night to prevent President Trump from collecting donations from his supporters, Jim Hoft reported. CONTINUE READING…

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