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Actor Dies Unexpectedly at Age 28, No Foul Play Suspected

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Jansen Panettiere, the actor and artist brother of Hayden Panettiere, passed away at the age of 28.

According to the website TMZ, there are no suspicions of foul play in Panettiere’s death.

According to USA Today, Jansen Panettiere started her acting career in 2002. His acting resume includes a role in the ninth season of “The Walking Dead.”

According to a story by TMZ, Panettiere’s buddies became concerned when he failed to attend a Sunday meeting.

According to the article, a friend visited Jansen Panettiere’s New York City residence and found him seated in a chair and lifeless.

According to the complaint, the companion attempted CPR and also dialed 911.

Panettiere is five years younger than his sister and has participated in the productions “Even Stevens,” “Blue’s Clues,” “Robots,” “Ice Age: The Meltdown,” and “The X’s.”

According to ET online, citing an unnamed source, his sister is “absolutely heartbroken.”

The source stated, “She loved her brother unconditionally and the two shared a special bond.”

“Jansen suffered from mental health issues and art was his therapy and escape. In the past, Jansen was open to family and friends about his struggles. Hayden was always there for him and constantly tried to help Jansen when she could,” ET’s source said.

Jansen Panettiere discussed his hardships in a 2019 Medium article.

“I’m a painter now. I’ve painted for most of my life but only as of recent have I self-identified with the practice. It’s my therapy,” he wrote.

“Those of you whom understand anxiety and depression know that it’s like suffocating. It’s like searching for a breathe of cool air in a steam room,” he said.

When extreme depression hits, he said that when drugs could not help him, “I paint. I paint my problems. It gives me a sense of ultimate purpose.”

“In a world hypnotized by vanity fueled with comparison, art is my escape. The inner demons call to the angels of our being. Finally all these toxic thoughts and feelings have a stage to play and become something much more than just that weight on my chest, the clenching of my fists, the tightness in my jaw. In the words of Meryl Streep ‘take your broken heart and make art,’” he wrote.

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