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Actor Goes Hard At Dems After ‘Twitter Files’ Reveal What They did To Him: ‘Your Turn, Mr. Biden’

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Elon Musk’s release of the Twitter files demonstrating the connection between the Biden administration and the censoring, suspension, and blocking of conservative Twitter accounts has stunned those involved on both sides and provided ammunition to those fighting for conservative values as well as those persecuted.

In the midst of the explosive disclosures that have gone viral on social media, the Biden team requested the suspension of individuals, including those who were disseminating material discovered on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

“Musk and journalist Matt Taibbi blew the whistle on the whole scam by releasing internal Twitter documents that prove a handful of bureaucrats interfered with our most basic rights. And our election. They need to be hauled in front of Congress and beg forgiveness for what they did,” Slay News demands.

Not only those attempting to disclose laptop findings, but also those expressing opinions and connecting laptop-related dots, were banned from Twitter.

One of the individuals they pursued was actor James Woods, who on October 24, 2020, shared a photo that resembled Hunter Biden using cocaine. According to Red State, the papers revealed by Musk indicate that the DNC requested Twitter to take action against Woods.

James Woods is currently responding to the news by destroying Joe Biden and the DNC.

Woods contacted Tucker Carlson’s Fox show and blasted Vice President Biden and the leftist establishment. Woods responded to Biden, “At long last sir, have you no shame?” in reference to the McCarthyite enemies’ list that was constructed in the past to stifle resistance to the government.

Woods stated that he will sue the DNC, saying, “I’m coming for you.” He also asked those who had been persecuted to join him in his acts.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

Woods said the “most dangerous man” to these “corrupt vile vermin” who wanted to shut down his speech: “an American who is not afraid of them.” Musk has received many posts from conservatives and other supporters warning him to be careful and hire more security now that he has released the files. CONTINUE READING…

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