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Aggressive Trump Critic Michael Rapaport Admits ‘I Was Wrong,’ Makes ‘Shocking Conversion’

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It’s remarkable how, step by step, people are awakening to the truth.

The once unshakable convictions of yesterday – that vaccines, lockdowns, and masks are unequivocally good, the 2020 election was fair, and Biden, though a bit slow, is the best choice – are all unraveling in real-time.

The response of public policymakers to COVID appears to be a farce, the undeniable corruption in the election, and the recent news conference performance by the president have led many to conclude that Biden cannot continue as president.

Then there’s the prevailing notion that Donald Trump’s presidency was the worst thing to happen to America. Some are changing their minds on that, including none other than actor/comedian Michael Rapaport, known for his vehement anti-Trump rants.

Rebel News publisher and Canadian conservative activist Ezra Levant noted this surprising shift in Rapaport’s stance. Levant tweeted about a portion of the Thursday PBD podcast where Rapaport discussed the possibility of voting for Trump.

“I’m considering it,” Rapaport responded. “But to pull that lever [to vote for Trump] — we don’t pull levers anymore — to actually pull that lever (pause) I’m gonna tell you right now, I won’t vote! I’m not voting for Biden, I’m not voting for Kamala.”

Pressed by PBD co-hosts, Rapaport expressed dissatisfaction with Democratic options. When names like Kennedy or Gavin Newsom were suggested, he dismissed them, particularly highlighting his unwillingness to vote for Newsom.

WARNING: The following video contains vulgar language some may find offensive.

Sosnick, the co-host, pressed Rapaport further on Trump. “You’re going to vote for him this time, ’cause you’ve seen what happened under his first term. You didn’t like it, he’s a pig d***, and he’s got those mean tweets, and he’s orange,” Sosnick continued, attributing much of the negative image of Trump to media influence.

Rapaport acknowledged his role in perpetuating misinformation, admitting he was wrong about Trump’s comments on the 2017 Charlottesville incident. Sosnick suggested Rapaport, as an independent thinker, might vote for Trump, as they both realized they were manipulated.

The awakening of individuals like Michael Rapaport to the facts is becoming apparent, and undoubtedly, many others are undergoing similar realizations.

Fortunately, the secret ballot ensures that individuals, despite their public stance, can privately cast votes that reflect their evolving perspectives.

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