ALERT! Americans Got To Peek Inside Fauci’s Home

More proof on the level of narcissism present within this prick.

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Fauci, who has labelled himself “science,” has been on a power trip for about 3 years now.

The self-proclaimed “GOD” of COVID and health policies in America is nothing but a narcissist, without solid proof of his actual worthiness.

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Remember this?!

Deadly serious – deadly hilarious!

And speaking of narcissism, wait until you see the inside of Fauci’s home office.

Not only does he have a bobblehead of himself sitting atop the desk, that’s weird enough, but on one wall he has a GIGANTIC portrait of himself hanging.

Here’s what people online had to say:

“Nothing weird, just Fauci in his office Faucin’ it up,”

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“He’s a fu*king sociopath”

“This is the kind of guy you run from.”

“Anyone who is surprised by this is not paying attention.”

“Why is this not the least bit surprising?”

“Jim Acosta has some competition.”

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“I think Mussolini had the same in his home office… Bobblehead too! “

“What an asshole.”

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