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ALERT: Deadly Terror Attack In New York

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An inquiry is currently in progress to ascertain whether a fatal and incendiary collision that occurred on the morning of New Year’s Day near a recreational establishment in upstate New York could be categorized as an act of terrorism. ABC News was granted access to this information by a law enforcement source who voluntarily disclosed the details.

Two people were killed when a Ford Expedition collided with a Mitsubishi Outlander as it was departing a parking lot at the Kodak Center in Rochester, according to the city’s police superintendent, David Smith.

The chief reports that two passengers in the Mitsubishi Outlander perished, while the driver was transported to a nearby hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. As per an authoritative source with knowledge of the investigation, the Ford Expedition’s occupants were also killed.

According to the police superintendent, initial responders discovered a minimum of twelve gasoline canisters in and around the Ford Expedition subsequent to the extinguishment of the fire.

Smith stated, “We are continuing to work with our federal partners, including the FBI, to learn exactly what led to this crash.”

Three of the individuals involved in the accident were transported to a nearby hospital, per Smith. One of the individuals sustained critical injuries, whereas the other two sustained non-life-threatening injuries.

As per the official statement, investigators executed search warrants and conducted interviews throughout the nocturnal hours to obtain further details regarding the driver, whose personal circumstances remained unknown at the time.

According to Smith, the collision occurred at around 12:50 a.m. on Monday, in close proximity to a crossing, as attendees of the venue were departing.

“The force of the collision caused the two vehicles to go through a group of pedestrians that were in the crosswalk, and then into two other vehicles,” Smith said at a press briefing on Monday. “There was a large fire associated with the crash that took the Rochester Fire Department almost one hour to extinguish.”

No additional details pertaining to the victims have been revealed.

According to the law enforcement source, the investigation is being led by the Joint Terrorism Task Force. At this time, an investigation is being carried out by the authorities in order to determine whether this occurrence qualifies as an act of terrorism. According to the source, the investigation is being conducted with an emphasis on terrorism until the true nature and motivation of the incident can be determined.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

The investigators are presently examining the driver’s electronic devices and social media accounts. Additionally, they are conducting interviews with the driver’s acquaintances and family members in order to gather supplementary evidence that could shed light on the presence of numerous gas cans in the vehicle.

ABC News has learned that the driver, who hails from Syracuse, utilized his personal vehicle to travel to the Syracuse airport, where he proceeded to rent an extra-large SUV. CONTINUE READING…

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