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All Hell Breaks Loose After Democrat Congressman Suddenly FLIPS on His Own Party

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U.S. Representative Dean Phillips (D-MN), who is challenging President Biden in the 2024 Democratic primary, compared that political party to the Iranian dictatorship in response to the withdrawal of primary contests by a number of states.

Phillips, who belatedly entered the contest subsequent to months of persistently encouraging Democratic governors to declare their candidacy, has effectively earned a ballot spot in numerous states. The main focus of his attention has been on New Hampshire, given that President Biden has chosen to begin the primary round in South Carolina rather than participate in the election there.

Phillips has declared his intention to run in every state primary that is currently available. Nevertheless, an unprecedented four states have opted to annul their primary processes, securing Biden’s exclusive eligibility as the sole candidate for the nomination. In addition to Florida, Texas, Massachusetts, and Tennessee, party leaders in a number of other states have made references to similar measures.

“Still waiting for someone to explain how this is different than Iran’s tactics to guarantee the outcome of elections,” Phillips stated in an X post in response to the actions. “Not a single state GOP party has moved to make Trump the only candidate on the ballot. Utter hypocrisy.”

Recent research reveals that in New Hampshire, support for Phillips has considerably increased to 24 percent. A survey conducted by American Research Group revealed that 58% of the respondents maintain their support for Biden, whereas Marianne Williamson obtained a 5% support rating.

Moreover, the proportion of individuals who remain undecided has declined from 23 percent in December to 14 percent at this time.

“Dean Phillips went from 0 to 21% in NH in two months. It’s almost like people want a competitive primary against Biden – and realize that we need a stronger candidate against Trump,” stated Andrew Yang, a former Democratic presidential contender in 2020. “Imagine Trump against a fresh new 54 year old.”

Phillips, who is set to leave Congress at the conclusion of his current term, has consistently voiced disapproval regarding the manner in which the leaders of his own political party managed the primary process. “One hundred and fifteen members of their executive committee said we don’t need a primary; Joe Biden will be the nominee; therefore, we will give Joe Biden 250 delegates,” Phillips said in an interview subsequent to the state of Florida’s decision to abstain from conducting a primary election.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

“North Carolina the next week said, you know what, despite the fact that I qualified by simply being a presidential candidate who is in the national news, that’s their only predicate. They decided they don’t need a primary either, that Joe Biden has won, and they will hand their delegates to him,” he further explained. “And these are, this is happening right in front of our faces. And the president has not said a word about it. So I’m concerned that part of what you’re seeing right now is this duopoly working to actually prevent competition, prevent debate, and prevent voters from even opining.” CONTINUE READING…

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