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All Hell Breaks Loose Outside Debate Spin Room When Don Jr Shows Up

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Donald Trump Jr., the son of a former president, voiced his displeasure to the press about being denied access to the post-debate propaganda chamber. He criticized Fox News and compared the network to the prosecutor who investigated allegations of election fraud during his father’s presidency.

Wednesday evening, eight candidates participated in a discussion moderated by Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum, both of whom are respected Fox News anchors. This debate was broadcast on Fox News, but it is important to note that President Trump chose to appear on Tucker Carlson’s Twitter/X program instead.

According to Fox News, Donald Trump Jr. had difficulty gaining access to the spin chamber, despite the fact that there were allegedly methods for Trump associates to obtain access. Greg Korte, a reporter for Bloomberg covering the White House and politics, captured on video an individual identified as Junior expressing his displeasure with Fox News outside the propaganda room. Korte then shared the video on Twitter/X.

DONALD TRUMP JR: Right now trying to ban people from actually having discourse about politics.


DONALD TRUMP JR: Probably and probably shouldn’t surprise any of us. But that’s what it is. And I’ve been told by others that I would be able to go in. So they said we were able to go in and they said they were in now that we’re here. And the candidate that.

REPORTER: They said you can’t go on the spin room?

DONALD TRUMP JR: They’re telling me right now, won’t let me into the spin room.

KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE: That’s what the American people should know…

DONALD TRUMP JR: They’re telling him, he works for security here, but they’re telling him that I’m not allowed to go in there because the candidates that they’ve been boosting while simultaneously trying to cut down Trump for the last two years didn’t perform as they had hoped. So they can’t have someone who can maybe be a representative of my father, just like a few weeks ago when I was canceled after the first indictment, I was scheduled to go on, and about 5 minutes before I’m on, I found out I’m no longer on because apparently I wouldn’t be a great surrogate to talk about my father’s indictment! Just so we understand what we’re dealing with here. So it shouldn’t surprise any of us.

And it’s also why Trump was 100% right to not go to this debate. It’s beneath him! And when you know that you’re walking into a setup because of exactly these kinds of circumstances, you understand exactly what’s going on in mainstream media, even conservative. I like to knock the one side I like to not the one side, but I got to call balls and strikes. This is no different than what we see from the Democrats. It’s no different with what we’re seeing from the Fulton County D.A. when they’re trying to put a gag order on Donald Trump so he can’t defend himself in court proceedings and more importantly, to function as an intimidation tactic for anyone else who would defend him. Where the D.A. there is then saying, hey, we’re going to add you people to the indictment if you take part in this. I don’t know, guys. Doesn’t reek of democracy? All the people that have been screaming that for the last six or so years, especially during the Trump presidency, when I believe we had a lot more freedom than we do now, or certainly since this administration has taken over are strangely quiet. But I guess we shouldn’t be surprised.

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