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All Hell Breaks Loose When Traitor Lindsay Graham Takes Stage At Trump Rally

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Trump’s July 1 MAGA rally, which kicked off the Fourth of July holiday weekend, took place in the South Carolina community of Pickens. Crowds in excess of 30,000 (officials estimate closer to 50,000) lined Main Street in the small southern town, where South Carolinians defied the heat and camped overnight to hear former President and 2024 presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Pickens County, South Carolina has the greatest number of Trump voters in the state, with Oconee County, South Carolina following in second. Trump received nearly 75% of the vote in Pickens County in 2020.

Trump spoke on Saturday as part of his primary campaign for the Republican presidential nomination in 2024, addressing South Carolina and incorporating current events such as this week’s significant Supreme Court decisions. Other speakers included Republican South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster and Georgia Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Green, who both received applause from the audience.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, however, did not receive these cheers from the rally attendees; he was booed, jeered, and insulted from the moment he took the stage until the moment he left, and he was also laughed at and booed during Donald Trump’s speech when Trump mentioned Graham.

Even though Trump had asked Graham to lead his campaign in South Carolina, the conservatives in attendance were not pleased when Graham showed up, and they made sure to let him know.

“Just calm down for a second. I think you’ll like this….I was born in this county,” said Graham as his introduction became drowned out in taunts and jeers from the crowd. “I live 15 miles down the road. This is a place where people pay the taxes, fight the wars, and tell you what they believe.” Graham himself is from Oconee County next door to Pickens.

Graham continued to laud Trump, and applause erupted whenever Trump’s name was mentioned, but that did not prevent Trump supporters from chanting insults such as “traitor” and booing him continuously, according to Mediate.

“I helped him get three judges on the Supreme Court there. Overruled Roe v Wade. I was on the front line of the fight,” Graham shouted from the stage to the restless crowd. “And it would not have happened without President Trump,” Graham declared loudly, causing cheers to erupt amond the booing.

Graham is presently one of Trump’s most important allies inside and outside the White House, but his past criticisms of the conservative leader have caused some of Trump’s supporters to develop a strong detest for the senator. In addition, conservative zealots such as Tucker Carlson have routinely criticized Graham for his support of foreign conflicts and his stance on immigration, as noted by Mediate.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

During Trump’s speech, he brought up Biden’s recent double gaffe referring to Ukraine as Iraq. Trump name checked President Xi Jinping of China and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un as examples of world leaders who are at “the top of their game,” pointing out that the current president appears to not even be in the game. “Stating twice this week, as an example, that Russia is losing the war to Iraq. Twice,” said Trump. CONTINUE READING…

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