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Alyssa Milano Trades in Her Tesla for a Volkswagen EV – Elon Musk Shows Up When She’s Told the Bad News

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Hypocrisy and awareness go hand in hand.

Alyssa Milano received a history lesson on Saturday when the left-wing activist boasted about ditching her Tesla electric vehicle as a protest against Elon Musk, the new owner of Twitter and the inventor of Tesla.

In an exaggerated attack on the company’s improvements of its past censoring rules, Milano stated that Twitter, under Musk’s ownership, was “alignment with hate and white supremacy.”

In an unexpected turn of events, Milano revealed that she had swapped in her Tesla for an electric Volkswagen.

After Musk’s acquisition of the platform, the celebrity targeted Twitter’s advertisers in an indirect effort to discredit the social media behemoth.

History students were eager to point out Milano’s obvious hypocrisy.

1937 saw the establishment of Volkswagen as a state-owned corporation in Nazi Germany, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica.

The company’s ties to the Nazis were not only symbolic. According to Britannica, Volkswagen committed its industrial capability to creating weapons and military vehicles for the Nazi regime during World War II.

Conservative comedians known as the Hodge Twins pointed out on Twitter to Milano that her buying choices were not as “woke” as she believed.

Even Musk found hilarious the example of lefty hypocrisy.

Other critics pointed out Milano’s hypocrisy in Hollywood, challenging her to quit Twitter if she feels so strongly about Musk’s ownership.

However, if Milano gave up Twitter, she would no longer have a platform to preach from.

And for an enlightened hypocrite like Milano, it would be just too much to give up.

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