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Ambushed Homeowner Finds Pistol in His Face, But the Tables Quickly Turn When the Punks Are Outsmarted

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A Texas homeowner who escaped a carjacking attempt involving a pistol to the face has a story to tell about two robbers who were “bamboozled.”

Friday, Houston police released a security footage of the incident that occurred on January 25.

The footage depicts a young man in a hoodie pointing a revolver with an extended magazine towards a man who was placing trash in a trash can.

“The gun was in my face the whole time,” the homeowner, who asked not to be identified, told KRIV-TV.

The footage depicts the would-be carjacker demanding the man’s car keys.

“Came up on me with a loaded 9mm gun with an extended clip, probably at least 40 bullets or so. So, you know, they wanted the car,” the homeowner said.

The strategy, such as it was, ultimately failed.

Thief One, armed with a firearm, was unaware that the keys were in a rucksack on the passenger seat, and that his chances of obtaining them diminished when Thief Two stole the bag and fled. No luggage, no keys, no car.

“The kid got out of my car who had the gun, and he took a shot at me and his friend, buddy, accomplice, whatever you want to call him,” the homeowner said.

The thief-in-training lost the bag as he fled.

“And I continued to chase him up to where I saw him get in the car,” the homeowner said.

The Houston Police Department footage shows the two suspects fleeing the scene in a blue Chevrolet Camaro.

The homeowner suffered no injuries.

“Usually when they say give me your keys, somebody gives it to them right away, and they’re gone. It didn’t happen that way, so they were bamboozled,” he said.

“They certainly didn’t know what to do. Luckily, it was a bunch of errors, because I probably wouldn’t be talking to you today,” he said.

The man was more concerned about the timing of the occurrence.

“If it was 20 minutes later, you’d have a hundred children that walk by here every day,” he said. “I think what’s most scary. People right now are just willing to do anything at any time.”

The police footage on YouTube was accompanied by a narrative of the occurrence.

“The complainant informed the suspects that his keys were in his vehicle inside a backpack,” Houston Police Robbery said. “As the complainant reached into his vehicle to get his backpack, the second suspect opened the passenger door and took the backpack from him.

“That suspect then fled the scene with the backpack (and car keys) while the first suspect entered the complainant’s vehicle in an attempt to steal it, but was unable to start it because the second suspect had the keys when he fled.

“The complainant started to run after the suspect that had his backpack and heard gunshots coming from the first suspect, who was running behind him. The suspect that had the backpack also heard the gunshots, causing him to drop the backpack.”

Friday, police published the footage in an attempt to identify the culprits, who remain at large.

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