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America First Legal Reveals Bombshell ‘Secret’ Twitter-Government Portal Used to ‘Violate First Amendment’

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According to documents revealed by America First Legal on Tuesday, Twitter set up a platform for government authorities and “stakeholders” to submit tweets that purportedly included COVID-19 falsehoods for Twitter to examine.

Twitter administrators utilized the gateway to track online posts for evaluation and urged Centers for Disease Control and Prevention officials to enroll, according to papers acquired by the AFL as part of its lawsuit against the CDC.

In May 2021, Twitter’s Todd O’Boyle enrolled CDC’s Carol Crawford in the portal after she sent an email called “COVID Misinformation” with links to many Twitter postings that suggested microchips and “vaccine shedding.” The channel, according to O’Boyle, is “the best way to get a spreadsheet like this reviewed.”

O’Boyle wrote in his response that he agreed that her submissions were “important trends to note” and assured her Twitter would review them.

Crawford wrote O’Boyle on September 2, alleging that a CDC “Lab alert” involving PCR testing was “misinterpreted and posted on social media.” Then, Crawford marked the hashtag “pcrtest” for monitoring.

According to the records, Crawford also requested that Census Department staff be able to utilize the Twitter site to identify COVID-19 inaccuracy.

“Also, would there be any issues or complications stemming from flagging COVID misinformation on the portal using the existing census.gov accounts that have access?” Crawford wrote May 24.

In a press statement issued on Tuesday, Gene Hamilton, vice president and general counsel of America First Legal, stated, “In recent months, millions of Americans have witnessed the peeling of the ‘misinformation’ onion.

“Beneath each layer of shocking details about a partnership between the federal government and Big Tech is yet another layer of connections, conspiracy, and collaboration between power centers that seek to suppress information from the American people.

“We are proud to play a leading role in fighting for the rights of all Americans and revealing this vital information to the American people.”

More on this story via The Western Journal:

Tuesday’s announcement was the fourth set of documents AFL released about COVID-19 censorship. The other sets released by AFL revealed additional information about how the government censored information about the COVID-19 pandemic, “built the evidentiary record showing that CDC specifically sent Facebook and Twitter-specific posts to take down, throttle, censor, or flag,” and linked the CDC’s guidelines on in-school mask mandates to “political polling by liberal dark money group The Kaiser Family Foundation,” according to the press release.

KFF “is a nonprofit organization focusing on national health issues, as well as the U.S. role in global health policy,” according to its website. CONTINUE READING…

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