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Americans Horrified After Seeing How Biden Looked At Beach

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He is the most miserable person on earth.

President Joe Biden went to the shore with his family on Saturday in Rehoboth shore, Delaware, in front of cameras. He demonstrated to the world what an 80-year-old man in poor physical condition appears like in a summer setting by shuffling across irregular sand and fidgeting with a chair that refused to cooperate.

For Biden’s and the nation’s benefit, the American political class could do without the beach body photo.

Benny Johnson, a conservative commentator, presumably spoke for many Biden opponents when he referred to the photographs as “a snapshot of an America in Decline” in a tweet.

“Pale, shriveled, shirtless Joe Biden fumbling around on the beach before being escorted back to the nursing home is a fitting snapshot of an America in Decline,” tweeted Johnson on Saturday.

“We are judged by the strength and fitness of our leaders.

“What does this say the world?”

Well, to begin with, if the United States is to be judged by the fitness of its current president, the verdict is already guilty — guilty of historic fecklessness in appointing a man in one of the most demanding positions on earth who is obviously incompetent; guilty of criminal partisanship in accepting Biden as a suitable candidate for the job in the first place because virtually no other member of his Democratic Party was presidential material in 2020 (and isn’t now);

Prior to the appearance of Biden’s beach vacation photos on social media, however, no American citizen who has been paying attention since April 2019, when Biden declared his candidacy, was unaware of this fact.

Johnson contrasted the apparent apathy of Biden’s fellow beachgoers with the uproarious reception former President Donald Trump received Saturday night at the T-Mobile arena in Las Vegas, where he attended a mixed martial arts event. According to the U.K. Daily Mail, the party of the president, first lady Jill Biden, and granddaughter Finnegan was almost completely absent from the videos.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

The main character is fully dressed in contrast to the other two men, which is a concession to decency and decorum that plainly doesn’t restrain a career narcissist like Biden, who is probably approaching the second phase of senescence nonetheless. CONTINUE READING…

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