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Another Train Derailment Just Happened — Dems LOOSE It!

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According to media sources, a huge train derailment has occurred in a residential area in Van Buren, Michigan. Officials were in the region to evaluate the situation and decide whether the local populace was in danger.

According to reports as of early Thursday afternoon, there were no immediate concerns.

Local Detroit 4 published overhead footage from Van Buren depicting at least six derailed vehicles and a state of pandemonium.

At 10:55 a.m., CBS published a very confused update: “According to the Van Buren Township Police Department, there is evidence of exposed hazardous materials, and none of the train cars containing hazardous materials were compromised in the incident.”

WXYZ reported the following with further information on the hazard:

Fire crews are on the scene of a train derailment just outside of Detroit this morning.

The Van Buren Township Fire Department confirms that a train derailed.

Chopper video shows at least six cars off the track.

Officials say only one car in the train was carrying hazardous materials, which is reportedly showing no sign of leaking or damage.

The fire department reports that the derailment is generating traffic congestion but poses no immediate threat to the public.

This comes after a train derailed in East Palestine, Ohio earlier this month, spilling dangerous chemicals into the air and continuing to raise health concerns in the neighborhood.


Alternate view:

Numerous individuals posted online that they feel suspicious about train derailments, as if there was a greater threat behind the Michigan trainwreck after an Ohio derailment turned into a catastrophe and revealed how out of touch, lazy, slow, and unconcerned the Federal government is when Americans truly need assistance.

CNN reported an update on the Ohio derailment, on Thursday:

Nearly two weeks after a Norfolk Southern train carrying hazardous materials derailed in the eastern Ohio village of East Palestine and sparked a massive dayslong blaze, residents packed a high school gym Wednesday for a meeting with officials all demanding the same thing: answers. CONTINUE READING…

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