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Arizona Lawmakers Unveil A Bill Banning Foreign Components In Voting Machines

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A blockbuster election event out of Arizona over the use of voting machines with parts made in foreign nations is making some ‘America First’ folks extremely delighted with what would seem to be just a simple sense law.

Republicans in Arizona are reviving the slogan ‘Made in America,’ especially among those concerned about election integrity.

Of course, Democrats don’t embrace the proposal, even while they are attempting to convince Americans that they care about American jobs and recapturing our manufacturing.

Nevertheless, the bill is gaining support.

On Monday, the Arizona state Senate Committee on Elections approved a proposed addition to the state’s election rules mandating that all components of voting machines be supplied from the United States.

This proposal seems so obvious, therefore it’s no surprise that extreme Marxists oppose it, as it would limit their usurpations against the American Republic. But Arizona Republicans, such as the outspoken state senator Wendy Rodgers, are prepared to fight to get this idea ahead and make it a reality.

The proposed change in election law advocated by Arizona Senate Majority Leader Sonny Borrelli and sponsored by Sen. Anthony Kern — both Republicans — depends on the constitutional legislature’s ability to regulate elections. “Therefore, according to the legislators, it does not require Democratic Governor Katie Hobbs’ signature to become Arizona’s voting policy,” the Western Journal stated, adding:

“The resolution states right up front that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in 2017 designated election infrastructure as critical infrastructure. In light of this, Republican senators said that Arizona should follow the Department of Defense policy of requiring the supply chain for the machines to be sourced in the U.S.”

KOLD stated that what was intended to be a non-partisan elections commission has become quite contentious, highlighting:

“The committee meeting will be conducted as a model of decorum, this is your warning,” said Rogers, a Republican from District. “If you misbehave in any way either at the microphone or from the audience you will be ejected.”

The committee was slated to vote on ten election measures, including one that would eliminate vote centers and another that would compel early ballot holders to present identification on election day if they want to drop off their ballot.

Before voting on the measures, however, they listened to a second day of evidence from We the People AZ Alliance, who are contesting the validity of the 2022 election.

“The PAC status of your organization indicates the partisan nature of your organization, Sundareshan said.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

“A PAC isn’t necessarily partisan just so you’re clear on that,’ Rogers said. “Please don’t infer that.”

“Okay, Shandareshan said. “Having taken a look at your website, the highly partisan nature of your website.”

“I would take exception to your characterization of that,” Rogers said. CONTINUE READING…

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