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Arizona Supreme Court Delivers Decision on Republican Kari Lake’s Request

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Wednesday, Republican Kari Lake filed two appeals connected to a lawsuit contesting her November loss in the Arizona governor’s race. Lake also filed a request to have the Arizona Supreme Court consider her case, which was refused.

“Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson ruled against Lake’s challenge after finding the court was not presented with clear and convincing evidence in the widespread misconduct, she alleged influenced the election results,” Fox News reported. “Lake, on Wednesday, filed an appeal with the Appeals Court on Judge Thompson’s ruling. She also filed a motion to send the appeal to the Arizona Supreme Court, asking to skip a step with the Appeals Court. Arizona’s Supreme Court denied the request to transfer the appeal.”

In its ruling, the Arizona Supreme Court stated, “no good cause appears to transfer the matter to this court.”

Martin Walsh of Conservative Brief stated that Lake issued the following update through Twitter on Wednesday evening: “My court case will be going before the Appeals Court prior to the Arizona Supreme Court because it’s already been scheduled for review. This decision was done without prejudice & I am confident the case will end up in their hands eventually. We’re moving forward.”

My case is already scheduled for review before the Arizona Supreme Court, therefore it will be heard by the Appeals Court first.

This judgment was made without bias, and I am convinced that the matter will finally end up in their hands.

“We’re moving forward,” Kari Lake (@KariLake) posted on Twitter on January 5, 2023.

Lake disclosed last week that she is open to a hand recount following her 17,000-vote loss to Arizona Democratic Governor Katie Hobbs, who took office on January 2.

In response to a Twitter user calling for a “full hand recount of all AZ ballots,” Lake replied with three simple words: “Yes. We. Do.”

Lake is requesting that the Arizona Court of Appeals review the dismissal of all ten counts of his case by Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson.

Lake also requests that the appeals court reverse the verdict ordering her to pay Hobbs $33,000 in fees.

Hobbs sought penalties against Lake, but Judge Peter Thompson refused her plea.

However, the court did pay Hobbs little more than $33,000 to cover the costs of employing expert witnesses during a two-day hearing filed by Lake, who contested the results of the November governor’s race.

“After the litigation, Hobbs filed a request to the court seeking $36,990 in attorneys’ fees and expenses paid during a two-day trial, as well as sanctions against Lake. The court denied Hobbs’ request for sanctions against Lake, saying the claims presented in litigation were not groundless or brought in bad faith. But costs associated with fees of witnesses were covered, for the most part. Hobbs requested reimbursement of $5,900 for an expert who was retained and who testified during the court hearing,” Fox News reported.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

“She also filed a separate request for expert witness fees in the amount of $22,451 and an additional $4,689.50 for the reimbursement of a person designated to inspect the ballots. The ballot inspector’s compensation, according to court documents, was charged at a rate of $565 per hour for 8.3 hours. The court agreed to reimburse the $33,040.50 to Hobbs. It also ordered that the amount accrue an annual interest of 7.5% until the money is paid in full,” the report added. CONTINUE READING…

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