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ARIZONA UPDATE: They Want Us to Believe Democrats and Mousy Katie Hobbs Are Going to Sweep the State? …Update: It’s Not Over Yet

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Arizona’s voting machines are meant to be state-of-the-art, world-class technical beasts that aid in determining one of America’s greatest and most famous accomplishments: the right to vote for our own representation. On Tuesday night, however, elections became a chaotic disaster due to malfunctioning vote tallying equipment.

Prior to each election, the certification of voting equipment must be checked, evaluated, and updated, according to the Arizona secretary of state’s website.

“All components of a voting system are certified according to state and federal law prior to use in any election for a federal, state, or county office. A.R.S. § 16-422(B).

State certification includes a review of system documentation and/or conducting a demonstration and functionality test. Upgrades or modifications to an existing voting system require recertification, but if the upgrade or modification is de minimis, a demonstration and functionality test is optional and not always required. A request for emergency conditional certification is subject to different standards.

Prior to every statewide election, each county provides the list of equipment in use for that election. The equipment certification committee reviews applications according to state statute.”

How did things go so awry in that state, and what should voters do now that the machines have failed? Independent media are discussing this very topic.

“The fake news, tech giants, Democrats and our elites want us to believe that a solid red state switched to the Democrat Party in 2020 and then after 2 years of complete disaster and a wide open border, Democrats came back to sweep the state for the first time ever?” Jim Hoft reported for Gateway Pundit, adding:

“Because Arizonans LOVE open borders and fentanyl! God save us from this wickedness. Kari Lake delivered another amazing speech on Tuesday night.”

“We will take the victory when it comes. And we will turn this state around!”

Watch @KariLake‘s full speech at the election night party!

“It’s not over yet,” Hoft wrote linking to a poll.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

NBC reported that Maricopa County emerged as a flashpoint in the midterm elections after a state judge declined a last-minute effort to extend voting hours following widespread issues that led officials to use secure ballot boxes. CONTINUE READING…

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