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Arnold Schwarzenegger Drops 8-Word Atom Bomb On Dems

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Arnold Schwarzenegger, the hero of “Terminator,” gave a sobering review of what Democrats stand for before his future appearance on Rob Lowe’s show “Literatally.” He said that Democrats want to destroy every American city.

In the part that Mediaite talked about, Lowe talks about David Dreier, a former Republican congressman from California who left office in 2013. Lowe says Dreier once talked about Republican principles.

Drier said that Republicans want a strong defense, low taxes, less government, and more personal freedoms, but not in that order. He then said that he was forgetting one, which Lowe told Schwarzenegger about.

Finally, Schwarzenegger told Lowe that what is needed is “strong law enforcement.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the former Republican governor of California, was then asked by Lowe what he thought Democrats stood for.

Answering right away, Schwarzenegger said, “Ruin your cities.”

The Predator star then said, “That’s what Democrats would say.” Our plan is to destroy the cities. We’re going to mess up every place in the US. That seems to be the subject at the moment.

As Lowe asked him in surprise why that might be the case, Schwarzenegger replied, “I have no idea.”

In fact, deep blue Democratic governments are in charge of most of America’s big towns, and they are all failing horribly. America’s towns are in terrible shape. They are in debt, there is a lot of crime (like carjackings and murders), and a lot of people and businesses are leaving to find better chances elsewhere.

Many people don’t like Schwarzenegger’s style of Republicanism, even though he calls himself a Republican. He is very far to the left and supports things like abortion, wearing masks, and the coronavirus vaccine. He has also been caught calling for fear about climate change. He even told People magazine in 2021 that Trump’s government was like Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Party.

Also, even though he talks a lot about “freedom,” the Commando star told Republicans in 2021, “screw your freedom,” when they didn’t follow government orders to wear COVID-19 masks, get vaccinated, and close their businesses and schools during the worst of the virus pandemic.

Even with everything that has happened, Schwarzenegger told the New York Times that he still feels connected to the Republican Party.

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