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As Race for RNC Chair Heats up, Trump Declines to Choose Between Harmeet Dhillon and Ronna McDaniel

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During the end of January, the RNC will select a new chair at its winter conference in Dana Point, California. Although incumbent Chair Ronna McDaniel has maintained her position since 2017, she faces opposition from RNC National Committeewoman Harmeet Dhillon and My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell.

In light of recent discoveries about the RNC’s spending methods under McDaniel’s leadership, calls for her removal have increased, with conservative talk show host Mark Levin proclaiming, “She needs to go.”

Former President Donald Trump, who backed McDaniel’s quest for the seat after his 2016 triumph, was asked on Friday if he favored Dhillon over McDaniel. Trump endorsed McDaniel’s candidacy for the seat following his 2016 victory.

“I think they’re both good…I like them both. It’s like when I asked Queen Elizabeth when we were together: ‘Which president did you like the best?’ She said: ‘I liked them all.’ ‘Which one did you like the best?’ ‘I liked them all. They’re all great.’ I said, ‘But didn’t you like Ronald Reagan the best?’ She said: ‘No I liked them all. I liked Ronald Reagan very much, but I liked them all.’ Then I said: ‘Which prime minister did you like the best? Was it Winston Churchill?’ ‘I like them all. I like every one.’ Then I realized how smart she was. I said, you know that’s why she stayed there for 75 years.’”

Trump also admitted that Dhillon represented him, stating, “Harmeet is a lawyer for me you know.”

Additionally, Dhillon has represented the RNC.

Federal election data shows that Dhillon’s eponymous law firm took in more than $440,000 from two Trump-aligned groups last cycle, though Dhillon has told members she would cut ties with Trump if elected chairwoman in order to comply with the RNC’s commitment to remain neutral in the 2024 presidential primary. During the same period, her law firm received nearly $900,000 from the RNC, federal election data shows.

Dhillon has told members she would cease working for Trump if elected chairwoman, acknowledging that “it would be a conflict of interest” for her to continue on as an attorney for the former president in the midst of a presidential primary in which he is competing.

Trump has also listed Lindell as one of his closest pals. Given his declared presidential campaign, it makes logical for him to maintain a neutral stance on the RNC Chair contest, despite the fact that this is not typically his way.

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