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Assassination Plot Of POTUS Candidate Thwarted – Biden Looks Guilty As Hell

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On Friday night in Los Angeles, law enforcement officials apprehended a person in possession of a firearm who had falsely claimed to be a member of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s security detail. The incident occurred in close proximity to a location where the Democratic contender for the 2024 presidential election was delivering a public address, and within a two-mile radius of the site where his father, Senator Robert F. Kennedy, was tragically assassinated in 1968.

The incident occurred near the Wilshire Ebell Theatre, where Kennedy was delivering a speech in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month. Kennedy uploaded a picture to X, formerly known as Twitter, depicting a person who was apprehended while wearing an Emergency Medical Service uniform and dark eyeglasses. According to Kennedy, the individual in question was observed to be in possession of a U.S. Marshal insignia and claimed verbally to be a member of his security detail.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has garnered considerable support from conservatives due to his keen understanding of coronavirus vaccines, despite encountering challenges in his quest to challenge President Joe Biden for the Democratic nomination.

According to a recent poll conducted by Quinnipiac University, which surveyed 1,632 likely voters, Kennedy’s popularity among Democrats and electors inclined Democratic has decreased by 3.5% since June. 13 percent of respondents identified Kennedy as their preferred candidate in the poll.

The LAPD informed the New York Post that a man had been arrested on suspicion of impersonating as a federal marshal. In addition, they indicated that the individual will presumably face charges involving firearms.

It was only a matter of “when” and not “if” this would occur, as all the warning signs indicated. In spite of safety and security concerns expressed by the Kennedy campaign, the Biden administration refused to provide a secret service detail for their political candidate.

Kennedy Jr. made the announcement via Twitter. “Since the assassination of my father in 1968, candidates for president are provided Secret Service protection. But not me.” RFK Jr. said.

“[t]ypical turnaround time for pro forma protection requests from presidential candidates is 14-days. After 88-days of no response and after several follow-ups by our campaign, the Biden Administration just denied our request,” according to Mr. Kennedy.

According to Kennedy, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said: “I have determined that Secret Service protection for Robert F Kennedy Jr. is not warranted at this time.”

Kennedy added that in addition to the usual death threats, “our campaign’s request included a 67-page report from the world’s leading protection firm, detailing unique and well-established security and safety risks.”

His uncle, President John F. Kennedy, was assassinated in 1963, and so was his father, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., in 1968. Kennedy is an outspoken critic of Biden for a variety of reasons, including his disgust with the White House’s practice of censorship.

In response to the vast White House-led censorship campaign, RFK Jr. said, “Huge victory as Kennedy v Biden is consolidated with Missouri v Biden. My case is a class action suit on behalf of individuals censored by the White House, who were harmed and whose rights were infringed by not hearing our messages. As Frederick Douglass pointed out, every act of censorship has two classes of victims; the speakers and the listeners!”

Being a censorship victim himself, RFK Jr testified in front of a Congressional committee on the subject. RFK Jr. said in his opening remarks to the committee that he had been “the first person censored by the Biden administration – [just] two days after they came into office” He referred to the 1st Amendment as “important.. [for] congenial respectful debate is the fertilizer, it’s the water, it is the sunlight for our democracy. We need to be talking to each other.”

Ironically, Democratic committee members attempted to censor RFK Jr.’s testimony regarding censorship. House minority leader (D-NY) Hakeem Jeffries recently described Kennedy as “a living, breathing false-flag operation.

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