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Atom Bomb Dropped On Biden’s Plan To Be Democratic Party Nominee For ’24

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Steve Forbes, chairman of Forbes Media, stated on Friday that he does not believe the current vice president, Joe Biden, will be the Democratic nominee for the 2024 presidential election. Steve Forbes made this remark after highlighting the numerous shortcomings of the Biden administration.

The chairman of the media conglomerate was a guest on the Fox program ‘America’s Newsroom,’ where he discussed President Biden’s economy’s exceedingly negative reception. Forbes has defined the economy under President Biden as “the economic version of walking pneumonia.”

“I think there is economy fatigue, one thing after another. So, inflation has come down a little bit. Prices are still going up. Wages aren’t going up fast enough,” the chairman said. “There’s a feeling the country is adrift. These whole negotiations on the debt ceiling, my goodness! They can’t control spending even though it’s $2 trillion higher than it was a couple of years ago. People just throw up their hands and say these people are out of control.”

The Fox News host then presented a report indicating that 48 percent of Americans believe the economic policies of the Biden administration are harming them and stated that such figures would make it much more challenging for Biden to run for president in 2024.

Forbes then delivered the bombshell when he stated, “I think that’s why next year, Joe Biden will not be the Democratic Party nominee.” This revelation stunned the anchors, prompting co-host Bill Hemmer to point out that Forbes is making this statement on the record.

“On record. Because the economy — yeah, they can sweep the Hunter stuff away — but that has a stench out there,” the media chairman added. “So you have a poor economy, you have a president people feel is not up to the job anymore, certainly not for the next four years. So I don’t know what the scenario is going to be, but they cannot have him running in November of 2024.”

The other co-host, Jacqui Heinrich, asked Forbes who he believed could be the Democratic Party nominee if Joe Biden failed to obtain the nomination. Forbes noted that multiple outcomes are still conceivable, citing the 2020 election as an example in which Bernie Sanders made a valiant effort to win the nomination but ultimately lost to Joe Biden. According to Forbes, both the governors of California and Michigan saw blood in the water and acted swiftly to seize the opportunity.

Compared to the Democratic Party, the Republican Party is “developing ideas” and “has a lot of new faces,” according to the chairman, who also mentioned the Republican Party’s tremendous success in recent years.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is an outstanding candidate who is not being considered for the Democratic nomination. In recent weeks, Kennedy Jr. has gained ground against Vice President Joe Biden in the surveys, and he recently tied with the incumbent president.

Forbes is among the first to make the audacious claim that President Biden will not serve a fourth term in the White House. However, Forbes is not alone in holding this opinion. Voters are becoming increasingly aware of Biden’s diminishing mental acuity and the numerous controversies in which he has been embroiled. This has led to a continuous decline in his reputation. Even if he remained in office until the end of 2024, it is difficult to imagine him continuing to serve as president for another four years.

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