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Audit Confirms Big Republican Win in Georgia

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The hand count of random ballot batches in Georgia’s race for secretary of state this month has verified the win of Republican Brad Raffensperger, according to state election authorities.

Friday, the Secretary of State’s office said that the audit, which was mandated by state law, revealed a minor variance in votes from the machine count used during the election, but the variance was within the expected margin of error.

Raffensperger said in a statement, “This audit shows that our system works and that our county election officials conducted a secure, accurate election.”

The audit is the outcome of a 2019 legislation, not worries about the state’s election results’ veracity.

During general elections in odd-numbered years, the secretary of state must pick a race for auditing. It must be completed prior to the certification of election results.

The incumbent, Raffensperger, stated earlier this month that he was picking his audit contest. He defeated Democratic state representative Bee Nguyen.

In 2020, Raffensperger selected the Georgia presidential election between Donald Trump and Joe Biden for a risk-reduction assessment. The narrower the margin between candidates in a contest, the greater the first sample of votes that must be checked during these audits.

Trump, who claimed fraud lost him the 2020 presidential election, singled out Raffensperger for failing to overturn his alleged close loss in Georgia.

In the run for secretary of state, Raffensperger defeated U.S. Representative Jody Hice and two other opponents in the May Republican primary.

For this year’s audit, election officials in Georgia rolled dice in the state Capitol to determine the number of ballots that counties had to tally by hand.

County election authorities reported reviewing 328 ballot batches in all. They reported that more than 85 percent of the batches showed no departure from the initial vote totals for any candidate.

The office of the Secretary of State reported that, of the remaining batches, all but one showed a disparity within the predicted margin of error for a manual count.

More on this story via The Western Journal:

The audit counted 156,832 votes for Raffensperger and 67,486 for Nguyen.

A machine count of the same ballots had Raffensperger’s vote total at 156,811 and Nguyen’s at 67,504. CONTINUE READING…

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