Aussie Official Holds Most Racist and Offensive COVID Presser On Earth

You can tell by the face, but you also have to see it to believe it…

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Rebel News reporter Avi Yemini shared this clip from an Aussie COVID press conference, where this official is having what he says “translated” into “Aboriginal-English,” by a woman, who looks more like a hostage than anything else.

The network reported that “Australians were treated to a new level of dystopian absurdity this morning when Western Australian Premier Mark McGowan released an ad campaign for Covid vaccination.

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In it, McGowan has his Covid vaccination message translated from English into … English by the Aboriginal woman beside him.

Whether intentional or careless, the Western Australian government’s footage suggests that Aboriginal people can only understand English if it’s broken up and repeated via an Aboriginal person, thus infantilising an entire community.

Here’s what Avi said on Twitter: “This is the most racist government initiative I’ve ever seen. @MarkMcGowanMP had an indigenous elder translate his message from English to “Aboriginal-English.” The bloke is sick.”

Just listen to the translator… Translating English into the same language and pretendinglike nothing’s wrong?!

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