Ayanna Pressley: “Student Debt Is Policy Violence”

Squad member Ayanna Pressley now thinks that student loan debt is “policy violence.”

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As a college student, this really pisses me off.

We look at college today as a right, when it isn’t. It’s a privilege, and people should be expected to pay for that privilege.

We should never be using the money of hardworking Americans to pay for entitled brats to go to school. Most of them make Cs and Ds, and they have the audacity to expect that someone else will “forgive” their optional debt.

It’s wrong, and it makes my head explode.

How about college students start acting like the adults they claim to be and take some responsibility? Believe it or not, everything isn’t somebody else’s problem.

College is way too expensive for what you’re able to do with your degree when you finish. There’s no argument there. But wiping out your debt using other people’s money is wrong. Especially when most of these students act like they don’t want to be there or are only attending because their parents said they had to.

I’m not enrolled in college because I’m bored. I’m going because I know what I’m interested in requires a degree. There’s a purpose for the money I’m paying. I’ve also chosen a school that doesn’t cost so much (because a lot of them are super proud of themselves, and it shows on your receipt). I’m looking at transfer schools that I know I’ll be able to afford. I don’t want to have to take out a bunch of loans if I don’t have to.

Long story short:

Are colleges outrageously expensive? Hell yes.

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Should we just wave away student loan debt with the money of hardworking Americans? Hell no.

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What we should do is make sure that these college students know what they’re getting themselves into before we get to this point. Most of them don’t even want to be there in the first place.

You’re not a victim because you chose to take out a loan. Get over yourself.