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Bad News for Major City’s Dem Mayor as FBI Probe Turns Up Something Big: Report

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The inquiry concerning New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell is progressing apatently, accompanied by mounting expenses associated with her purported association with a security team member.

The FBI has initiated an investigation into Cantrell. The investigation into her by a federal grand jury has reportedly prompted the issuance of fresh subpoenas, according to NOLA.com, which cites sources with knowledge of the subpoenas.

According to WVUE-DT, the investigation encompasses the nature of Cantrell’s relationship with New Orleans police officer Jeffrey Vappie.

The news organization claimed to have seen documents indicating that a December trip to Dubai for a climate conference cost taxpayers more than $15,000.

The FBI has been investigating the relationship between Cantrell and Vappie, who have been observed to reside frequently in a city-owned apartment, since early January.

Vappie billed the municipality for a portion, if not all, of the period he was present there.

As reported by the outlet, Vappie’s spouse alleged in court documents that he confessed to having a relationship with “Mrs. L.C.”

In addition to being investigated for violating a city policy prohibiting first-class travel, Cantrell has been ordered to reimburse $29,000 in upgraded flight expenses. WWL-TV reports that the state Ethics Board has levied accusations against her regarding her travel.

Cantrell has denied any allegations of improper conduct, attributing them to a confluence of misogyny and bigotry, as reported by the Daily Mail in the United Kingdom.

“As I’ve stated, you know, based on the false allegations that come my way, by the time I finish this job, literally, you know, accused of sleeping with half the city of New Orleans, both genders and all pronouns,” she said at a recent news conference.

“If I were a MAN you would NOT be texting me about this bulls***,” she texted a journalist.

She has also said there were racial overtones to what she called “investigations or targeting.”

“I have always complied, and that’s what I’ll continue to do. I do note that this seems to be kind of prevalent relative to black leadership, and I think that I’m not exempt from that,” she said.

She said that expenses on her security were due to COVID-19 and “the world black women walk in.”

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