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Ballots Have Now Gone Missing After Dominion Voting Machine Disaster

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After Dominion voting machines in Mercer County, New Jersey failed to read votes, forcing voters to submit paper ballots, hundreds of thousands of these paper ballots have vanished.

Approximately 3,211 Princeton voters from three districts who cast ballots at the municipal building and up to 835 Robbinsville voters who cast ballots at the Mercer County Library might be disenfranchised if the ballots are not retrieved.

The New Jersey Globe only published the number of registered voters in each of the four impacted districts, not the number of votes that had been cast.

The Western Journal reported early Tuesday that programmers from Dominion Voting Systems came to Mercer County on Election Day when a mistake with the optical scanners of the voting machines delayed ballots from being tabulated.

The Mercer County Clerk, Paula Sollami Covello, stated at the time, “There is a slot on the top of the scanner, and voters can vote and are voting manually.”

The votes were then to have been moved to a central location — the Board of Elections — where they would have been hand counted in line with a backup plan devised by authorities when the Dominion machines failed to function.

“This allowed our election to go forward, and we took advantage of that fail-safe measure yesterday,” Covello said. “We were able to bring all of the ballots back to the Board of Elections, where that bipartisan commission processed the ballots’ high-capacity scanners at their central location. Every vote was counted.”

Except for the ones that weren’t.

“Robbinsville Township was contacted by Mercer County Election officials at approximately 5 p.m. today and were informed that the ballots of one of our districts had gone missing,” Robbinsville Township Mayor Dave Fried wrote in a statement on the township’s website Wednesday evening.

“The fundamentals of Democracy is that every vote would be counted.

“Clearly, this has yet to happen in Robbinsville, as approximately 11% of our residents’ votes have yet to be safely delivered and counted. We’re working with the County, which is in charge of our elections, but please know we will not rest until we get to the bottom of this unconscionable mishap, and we will not consider the 2022 election over in Robbinsville until every single ballot is counted and done so securely.”

The Trentonian reported, using anonymous sources, that Dominion “claimed responsibility” for the scanning flaws that led to this situation.

More on this story via The Western Journal:

“The ballots are reviewed by Dominion, they work together,” Covello said. “We pre-test, so we’re going to find out where exactly the problem lies.” CONTINUE READING…

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