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With the failure of two banks in the previous week, the remainder of the financial industry is in turmoil.

Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) on the west coast and Signature Bank on the east coast catered to businesses and had ties to the technology industry and startup companies.

The tech industry has been suffering difficulties as a result of the precipitous decline in cryptocurrency prices. These are the most significant bank collapses since 2008.

Treasury Secretary Janet L. Yellen and JP Morgan Chase’s top executive, Jamie Dimon, reached an agreement for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation to assume control of both banks following the collapse of the two banks.

Last weekend, U.S. authorities revealed extraordinary efforts to appease clients, offering to pay out in full any uninsured deposits in collapsed banks.

The insurance payouts reported to be up to $250,000 have been increased to cover far more than the indicated insured amounts.

Thursday, Yellen informed the U.S. Senate that not all uninsured deposits would be safeguarded in the event of future bank collapses, but Solely those posed by institutions with systemic risks. Regional banks are not protected.

Now, economists estimate that 186 American institutions are susceptible to the same dangers as Silicon Valley Bank. This number is expected to increase as the constraints on regional banks intensify.

The source of this figure is a recent economic research released on March 13.

The BBC reported, “Wall street’s biggest banks organized a whip-around to bail out another tech-focused bank, San Francisco-based First Republic. And the Federal Reserve, the U.S. central bank said there had been a surge in emergency lending to U.S. banks generally.”

Credit Suisse, a prominent Swiss bank with a reputation for stability, is reportedly being acquired, and the Bank of England has revealed that it is monitoring Credit Suisse’s destiny and the marathon meeting held over the weekend to discuss the matter.

Around twenty private jets arrived in Omaha on a Saturday afternoon last week, sparking conversation on social media in response to rumors on Twitter of intriguing activities.

The jets originated from regional bank offices, ski resorts, and Washington, D.C.

The internet speculated that Warren Buffett may have summoned banks Executives together to negotiate a deal in light of the action. Buffett has been in contact with the Biden administration, so the rumor is not completely baseless.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

The Biden administration is becoming desperate. Late last week the Biden regime called on Warren Buffett as the regional banking crisis worsened. The Biden regime is asking Buffett to possibly invest in the US regional banking sector in some way. CONTINUE READING…

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