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Bannon Goes NUCLEAR On Live TV – Issues Damning Warning

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During a passionate session on Wednesday, former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon denounced the debt ceiling agreement reached by House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy as a “dumpster fire” for the United States.

He asserted that the Biden administration is employing the debt ceiling agreement as a political tactic to bolster its extreme policies and limit the ability of future conservative leaders to effectuate reform.

“By January 2025, President Trump and his potential return is going to have a dumpster fire with very limited, limited ability to do much. Not going to have tax cuts, no possibility of tax cuts. You’re going to have a very, very limited [capability]. And that’s what they want. They want to lock in all of the radical Biden regime, which is Obama’s third term,” Bannon declared.

According to Bannon, the business transaction is about a great deal more than just the debt. “That’s why right now, everything about yourself and self-reliance, you’ve got to hunker down on,” he continued. “Everything about yourself and self-reliance.” As a countermeasure to the economic irresponsibility of the government, Bannon urged for a greater focus on financial independence.

He criticized the government’s economic policies, saying, “I can’t understand how they run these deficits, have the Federal Reserve funded by printing money, and the rest of the world is revolting against that.” He was referring to the government’s spending habits.

The absence of public discourse regarding the nation’s finances, spending, balance sheet, and role of the Federal Reserve was bemoaned by Bannon. “We would actually have a discussion of why we have gone from a republic now to an empire and have a deep meaningful discussion with the left, with the centers and with the right, what this country needs from the people talking about it,” he said.

Both ends of the political spectrum are opposed to the accord, and a putative agreement between McCarthy and veto-power-wielding conservative Republicans is the subject of debate.

Bannon warned that the government’s decision to postpone the debt issue beyond the election and into 2025 demonstrates a profound disregard for the American people. He urged the populace to disregard the media’s narratives and instead seek information from trustworthy sources such as Heritage, the Club for Growth, Freedom Works, Nancy Mace, and Byron Donaldson.

Bannon urged individuals to immediately oppose their legislators who support the debt ceiling compromise. This was particularly significant for residents of red districts. “If you vote yes on this, I will ensure your primary election. “I will ensure that you lose and that you sign your political death warrant today if you vote in favor of this,” he asserted.

This frightening warning from Bannon reflects the concerns of a large number of conservatives who are exceedingly concerned about the future direction of the United States’ fiscal policy. It is not yet obvious whether legislators will take Bannon’s statements seriously or whether they will be able to alter the discussion surrounding the debt ceiling.

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