Bannon Goes Scorched Earth Outside Courthouse

Former Trump Chief Strategist and Campaign Manager Stephen K. Bannon brought his customary Irish fire with him to the courthouse this week while a circus unfolded around him.

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By Wednesday, day 3 of the trial, Reuters reported the prosecution rested its case after calling just two witnesses, including a senior staff member of the congressional panel investigating last year’s U.S. Capitol attack.

And part of how we know that this trail is political- on its face- is the two Democrats who have been held in Contempt of Congress in recent memory, Eric Holder in 2012 and Lois Lerner in 2015, did not face criminal charges as Bannon- a Republican, has.

“After prosecutors wrapped up their case on the second day of testimony in the criminal trial, the defense said it plans on Thursday to ask U.S. District Judge Carl Nichols to dismiss the charges against Bannon,” Reuters reported.

One report noted the trial: “If the Bannon case continues, and he is found guilty, it will certainly be appealed and will likely move its way up the chain to set the precedent that stops this from ever happening again.”

The Feds are using evidence from the US House committee members, while members of the committee have invoked the speech and debate clause to stop Bannon’s ability to call them as witnesses, making it a circus.

“The judge granted that motion to quash. So, basically, the members of the committee will be testifying against Bannon without Bannon having the ability to cross examine them,” Tracey Beanz reported.

“More interestingly? They made themselves a party to the case when they filed an amicus brief in support of the charges,” Beanz wrote.

Which makes this trail – exactly what Bannon says-‘ absurd’.

While Bannon has been outspoken about his point of view of the trial so far, his distractors have tried a number of crazy things to prevent the Navy veteran from being heard, because free speech and equal justice that is not really how the left works.

“This week former Chief Strategist for President Trump is facing a one-sided and biased court in Washington DC. He is charged with not honoring a subpoena from the January 6 Committee. The Jan. 6 Committee is a selected group of Democrats and two Republicans who are running America’s first-ever public struggle sessions,” Hoft reported.

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“The Maoists used show trials and struggle sessions to punish anyone suspected of wrong-think. These unfaithful enemies of the regime were brought forward and publicly humiliated before they received their punishment. The entire community was forced to watch this process. This was a warning of what they will face if they dare speak out against the regime,” Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit wrote describing the crazy Bannon trial.

Outside the courthouse is where Bannon really shines, as he communicates directly with his people.

Day One: Bannon stopped to speak to the American people and lecture the biased American press before entering the court for proceedings.

Here is a legal analysys:

Day Two: GWP reported: that Bannon said the crowd of media jackals and supporters assembled, “I challenge Bennie Thompson today to have the courage to come to this courthouse. If he is going to challenge somebody with a crime he’s got to be man enough to show up here or send somebody like Shifty Schiff or Fang-Fang Swalwell. Or Liz Cheney. Send somebody on the committee who has the guts to come here and accuse somebody of a crime!”

Here is a summary of what happened:

Day Three: Bannon spoke to a crowd as an agitator blew a whistle and slammed Bennie Thompson again, saying the media should have to prove he has COVID.

“This is a show trial. It is a Moscow show trial like the 1930s. Why is Bennie Thompson not here in person? Do you think he really has COVID? Did anyone check at all, or all you all just standing here? Has Dr. Fauci come forward to say that Bennie Thompson has COVID? This is so absurd. It is completely and utterly absurd.

Are there no human beings anywhere that will admit to anything about setting any dates? Now where is Bennie Thompson? Last thing. And you heard it today- I stand with Trump and the Constitution. Trump won and Biden is illegitimate.”


According to Mediaite, people definitely want to hear about what Bannon has to say, as his show, The War Room, has reached a whole new audience. “More people than ever before are listening to Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast as his trial for contempt of Congress begins. It has catapulted into Apple’s top 10 for news,” the outlet reported on Wednesday.

“The flood in listeners come as the former Trump White House chief strategist and Breitbart News chairman is being tried in Washington.”

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Newsweek reported:

“The podcast, Bannon’s War Room, has risen to a monthly high rank of 44 among all U.S. podcasts on Apple podcasts, according to podcast metrics company Chartable. Bannon’s War Room is also still in the top 10 news podcasts on Apple’s streaming service.

On July 5, War Room was the 21st-ranked podcast in Apple’s news category. It rose into the top 10 two days later on July 7 with a ranking of seventh overall. Wednesday, the podcast was ranked number nine.”

So Bannon has persisted, and he has rightfully slammed the American media for the circus they have helped create in this craziest show trial of political persecution against a top-ranking aide to a President. Yet, at the same time, everyone knows this would never happen to a Democrat.