Bannon Launches New System For Patriots

Steve Bannon, a former investment banker with Goldman Sacs, has launched a new financial system for pro-American First patriots amid personal bans on technical sites by payment processors and by governments.

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Bannon believes he has a solution for American patriots to not have to deal with such emergencies.

“BREAKING: Steve Bannon launches “FIRST PHASE” of “NEW FINANCIAL SYSTEM FOR CONSERVATIVES” based on BLOCKCHAIN; CRYPTO-CURRENCY,” Chuck Castello wrote on Twitter on Aug. 2.

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Castello added a link to the freedomJobsBusiness website press statement from January.

This fiat-to-crypto gateway will allow all Patriots to easily be able to buy FJB coin with their debit card, credit card or direct ACH from their bank account to use as a currency and inflationary hedge to the sinking U.S. Dollar.”

The FJB development team plans to deploy and have the app available for download in The App Store for iPhone and Android for public use within the near future.

Bannon appears on the War Room with Alex Jones, the founder of InfoWars.

“The FJB blockchain project provides security and ownership of data by administering the mechanisms of a trustless, transparent, and decentralized system for Patriots and people from a varied ideological spectrum across the world,” according to the FJB website for the project.

“Host of The War Room Program and Former White House Strategist Bannon launched a decentralized “blockchain-focused” financial system for conservatives in response to bans by payment processors and governments,” Infowars reported recently.

A Dec. 2021 Newsweek article explains some details of the project that Bannon has been planning on for a while:

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“Bannon spoke with political strategist Boris Epshteyn about their $FJB coin venture. They claimed that the new cryptocurrency would help those connected to the “Make America Great Again” (or MAGA) movement “fight” for Trump and their country.

“We are now saying, ‘screw Joe Biden,’” Bannon told his war room audience. “We’ve got a coin—it’s got, the imprint is that, OK. It shows your total and complete independence, right? Our non-reliance—and you’re going to very quickly have non-reliance on their financial system. So no longer can they bother you,” he said.

“They’re not going to be able to disappear you like the Chinese Communist Party, like the Bolsheviks, like the Nazis, like anybody—like any of these radicals that have ever taken control of these apparatuses. What they try to do is get rid of the good people,” Bannon said. Notably, there is no indication of any effort or plan from the federal government or Democrats to “disappear” Trump supporters.

“Yeah, F Joe Biden and F the media and all of them—could care less,” Bannon said, urging listeners to check out the new cryptocurrency.

“We are now saying, ‘screw Joe Biden,’” Bannon told listeners. “We’ve got a coin—it’s got, the imprint is that, OK. It shows your total and complete independence, right? Our non-reliance—and you’re going to very quickly have non-reliance on their financial system. So no longer can they bother you,” Bannon said.

“We believe that the decentralization of our economic and legacy financial systems is critical to the future of our nation. The FJB blockchain project will provide a sovereign-grade, immutable ledger with open, non-discriminatory participation that is permissionless and censorship-resistant,” the project’s website states.”

The project will use a medium dubbed the FJB Coin to facilitate transactions across its P2P (peer-to-peer) and B2B (business-to-business) network.

“The project was first announced in December 2021 in response to the Canadian government targeting Freedom Convoy participants’ bank accounts and crowdfunding platforms shutting down conservative initiatives,” Infowars reported.

In January FreedomJobsBusiness reported on their site about their new CEO:

“FJB Coin today announced Erik Finman has joined the team, and has invested to help grow and expand the crypto-currency that has become the choice of patriots across the country fighting back against cancel culture and discrimination. Mr. Finman is the world’s youngest Bitcoin millionaire and has been at the forefront of developing cryptocurrencies and investing in emerging technologies. As Senior Strategic Advisor, his expertise and knowledge will introduce FJB Coin to a broader audience in order to amplify its importance to the America First Movement.

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“We have seen legacy financial institutions become enemies of free speech which is why FJB Coin is so vital to our economic independence,” Mr. Finman said. “Last week, Mike Lindell was targeted by his banking institutions simply for his pro-America beliefs. Every American must stand up against the tyranny of both the banking and Big Tech oligarchs who seek to muzzle everyday Americans exercising their First Amendment rights. That is why decentralizing the financial industry and giving power back to the people is so vitally important.”

Stephen K. Bannon, who has taken a strategic partnership position of FJB Coin, added: “Erik is one of the most innovative minds of the new generation and he is a trusted friend who can elevate the Movement to new heights. We are thrilled to have him join the team to supercharge FJB Coin’s continued growth as the cryptocurrency of choice for patriots who stand up against cancel culture and fight for America.”

FJB Coin strategic partner Boris Epshteyn said: “Erik has a wealth of experience that is going to be a major driver in the expansion of the FJB Coin community. His passion for protecting every American’s First Amendment rights against discrimination and cancel culture makes him the perfect investment partner in this Movement. We are thrilled to have Erik on the team and are deeply enthusiastic about the future of FJB Coin.”