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Bannon Sounds The Alarm About The Looming Crisis That’ll Destroy Americans

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Steve Bannon, host of the War Room Program, appeared on InfoWars with Alex Jones on Wednesday to expose the underbelly of the DC uniparty and to warn of the consequences of the political elite’s stupid decisions, which Bannon refers to as “air heads” due to their lack of serious common sense and logic.

Bannon tells his listeners, “Inflation is on fire,” attributing it to the irresponsible leadership in Washington, D.C.

“We are in a Depression for working-class Americans already,” Bannon tells his audiences, emphasizing the American people rather than the political elite.

Jones, a famous political commentator, met up with Bannon for an interesting conversation including many clear information about what’s to come.

“Steve Bannon is really the Brain Trust behind the four great years we had of Trump, and he is here with us for just two segments; we’re going to give him the floor to give the incredible analysis that he’s been doing daily on his own show, six days a week in the War Room. Midterms are 28 days out, and the numbers- even in their skewed polls- show a Republican Landslide. So what is the Deep State going to do to grab victory from the jaws of defeat?” Jones asked Bannon.

Bannon warned about the impending economic collapse.

“We are in a financial situation that is more serious than 1929 to 1932 before the Great Depression. And the reason is the solution for the last time they got us in this problem. 2008, they set up an entire infrastructure globally of zero, negative interest rates, and now that they threw the gasoline in the fire of inflation. And it’s exposing all the issues in This Global Financial infrastructure. You can see it collapse all over it. Don’t take it from me. CNBC had this interview with Jamie Diamond, who said, we’re going to have a credit crisis; it’s coming,” Bannon said.

Therefore, we must alter the direction this government is heading us.

Bannon asserts that the radical left, the RINOS, and the Globalists make up the uniparty or political opponents of the America First-Populist alliance he has assembled. He states that the battleground will be the midterm elections in November, and even with a Republican victory, which he anticipates, there will be a tremendous battle to tackle the nation’s issues.

“We have to be on watch for the next 4 weeks. We need everyone to come together and win this election. We need people in the counting rooms and as election workers because we can not lose this election,” Bannon stated, adding that this was not a final answer and that the struggle will continue.

“What we face going forward is more serious than we went through this before as a country in the last Depression,” Bannon told Jones, citing various global variables beyond our control, such as a credit crisis that other financiers have highlighted.

Jones stated that Americans should be on the lookout for a series of attacks comprised of political trickery designed to undermine the resistance to the uniparty.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

“There are so many problems that we don’t even know about yet, and we are about to find out. These things lead to financial devastation,” Bannon told Jones on Wednesday, laying out specific details he had heard other experts cite.

Bannon, an election strategist expert who was instrumental in getting President Donald J. Trump into office, as noted by Jones, talked about his advocacy from his daily War Room program, where he is raising an army of volunteers to do those essential elections roles, but whe he needs to people to engage and get along as long as it takes to secure victory from that uniparty. CONTINUE READING…

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