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Bannon’s Lawyers Issue Response To DOJ After Suggesting 6mo Prison Sentence

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Steve Bannon, who was found guilty of contempt of Congress for evading a subpoena, requested probation or home confinement instead of a six-month jail sentence.

Bannon has been accused for refusing to testify before the US House committee examining the events of January 6, 2021 at the US Capitol; he is presently requesting a stay of any punishment in order to file an appeal.

He was one of the first witnesses called by the corrupt House Committee. In 2021, Congress decided to charge Bannon in contempt, and in July of that year, he was found guilty and sentenced to prison.

The prosecutors claim that he continues to improperly withhold documents and has adopted a policy of disobedience and contempt. Last Friday, the same corrupt Committee subpoenaed President Trump, demonstrating that they are conducting a political witch hunt.

After prosecutors requested six months and accused him of ‘bad faith,’ Bannon’s attorneys are requesting that their client be exonerated entirely.

“In a 19-page memo in response to a blistering government filing, Bannon’s team argues that their client should receive only probation after being found guilty of two counts of contempt of Congress. They argue that the judge overseeing sentencing should look for ‘something more’ than simple contrition,” the Daily Mail is reporting, adding:

‘Should a person who has spent a lifetime listening to experts – as a naval officer, investment banker, corporate executive, and Presidential advisor – be jailed for relying on the advice of his lawyers?’ they ask.

‘Should a person be jailed where the prosecutor declined to prosecute others who were similarly situated – with the only difference being that this person uses their voice to express strongly held political views?’ his lawyer, Evan Corcoran and David Schoen ask.

Schoen’s comments resonated with people online, who commented in Bannon’s favor:

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

The outlet continued:

They say a sentence of probation is warranted for the former chief White House strategist, and also ask the sentencing judge to issue a stay of any sentence to allow for an appeal.

Bannon faces sentencing Friday, following his trial for contempt of Congress, after he failed to appear before the panel probing the Capitol riot and the events of Jan. 6th. CONTINUE READING…

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