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Bannon’s War Room Under Attack – Threat To Democracy

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The left-leaning Associated Press is targeting Steve Bannon just before the midterm elections in a bid to prevent a landslide loss for Democrats.

The news outlet published a story on electoral “misinformation,” as they refer to it when someone disputes the outcome of the election.

The article contains data from Newsguard, a technological instrument that identifies “fake news.” Even major news companies who withheld the Hunter Biden laptop report before to the 2020 election received perfect scores from Newsguard.

The AP report alleges that “Election misinformation is thriving on Rumble, a video sharing platform popular with some conservatives and far-right groups, according to research published Thursday.”

“Nearly half of the videos suggested by the site in response to searches for common election-related terms came from untrustworthy sources, according to the analysis from NewsGuard, a firm that monitors online misinformation,” the AP went on.

The article goes after Steve Bannon as the major publisher of things they consider “fake.”

“Some of the videos reviewed by NewsGuard’s researchers in October included online shows featuring allies of former President Donald Trump such as Steve Bannon and conspiracy theorists such as Alex Jones. Many videos contained debunked claims about the 2020 election, the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol, the QAnon conspiracy theory, as well as misinformation about voting and the elections,” the AP report states.

The leftwing attack continues, “Bannon’s show was among the top results when researchers ran a search on the term “voter fraud.” A longtime Trump ally, Bannon was kicked off YouTube last year for repeatedly violating its rules; he was banned from Twitter after calling for Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s leading infectious disease specialist, to be beheaded.”

A spokesman for Bannon told the AP on Thursday that Bannon’s comment was metaphorical and that he didn’t intend it to be taken literally.

Many conservatives migrated from YouTube to Rumble because YouTube removed so many Trump-supporting content artists.

According to the AP article, Rumble’s popularity is rising.

“Rumble said in September it now has 78 million active monthly users around the world, with 63 million in the United States and Canada. The site boasts a long list of podcasts helmed by prominent conservatives such as Dan Bongino and Bannon, whose videos have millions of subscribers on Rumble,” the report adds.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

Newsguard has been called out before for its biased rating system which rewards liberal news organizations and rates conservative ones low on the “trustworthy” scale. CONTINUE READING…

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