Biden Admin Suddenly Decides To Stop Manipulating Covid Data To Make It Look Worse

Two days ago, Politico published a piece about how the Biden Administration is “trying to recalculate U.S. Covid-19 hospitalizations.” Apparently, the administration’s task force is hoping “to get a more accurate sense of Covid’s impact across the country.”

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Specifically, they want to see exactly which “Covid hospitalizations” are actually FROM Covid and which “Covid hospitalizations” are unrelated issues where the person simply tested positive upon admittance to the hospital.

“The group is asking hospitals to report numbers of patients who go to the facility because they have Covid-19 and separate those from individuals who go in for other reasons and test positive after being admitted.”

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I am freaking livid.

They’re going to “recalculate the number of Covid-19 hospitalizations?” Is that what they’re going to call it?

You mean they’re finally going to accurately represent the number of people who are actually in the hospital due to their Covid illness and not artificially inflate the numbers in order to manipulate the data that they will then present to the people in order to manipulate them into allowing things like forced vaccination.

Conveniently, this is happening right on cue with all the other Democrat elites who suddenly pulled a 180 on all their hardline Covid opinions, and just in time to make it look like Covid is over and Biden is the one who beat it. Because that’s exactly how they’re planning to spin this. They’ve been intentionally manipulating the data to make it look worse than it is, so when they “recalculate,” it’s going to suddenly look a whole heck of a lot better pretty much over night.

But this is TWO YEARS TOO LATE! I’ve been screaming about this for literally 2 years! Yes, since Trump. Since this whole thing started, I’ve been screaming about how there is no way for the people to actually know which “Covid” hospitalizations and deaths were actually due directly to Covid, or which were just being counted that way. The numbers we’ve been given this whole time have been intentionally manipulated to make things look bad enough to justify forced vaccinations, forced masking, and lockdowns.

Broken foot needs surgery? Positive when you were admitted? BAM! Covid hospitalization.

Car accident and need a spleen repaired? Positive when you were admitted? BAM! Covid hospitalization.

Toddler admitted for concussion observation? Positive when you were admitted? BAM! Covid hospitalization.

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Appendix ruptured and needs to be removed? Positive when you were admitted? BAM! Covid hospitalization.

When you manipulate data like this you can make things look really bad, like hospitalizations are super high, even if they aren’t actually all that high. And if you want to make things look a whole heck of a lot better, just quit counting unrelated Covid positive hospitalizations.

And the media was INTENTIONALLY vague about their wording, quoting the numbers of people “hospitalized with Covid” or simply referring to “Covid hospitalizations,” hoping that people wouldn’t realize that they were leaving out a key distinction. But the narrative dictated that they make the numbers look bad enough to justify tyrannical government policies.

Now that there is a coordinated shift to bring Covid to an end because the polling numbers are looking really bad for Democrats, they’ve decided to take this very important step to rectify 2 years of deliberate manipulation of data and medical misinformation.

So WHY DID THEY NOT DO THIS FROM THE BEGINNING?!?! Why were they not honest and transparent about this from the beginning? This has been a major part of the problem. The country was intentionally misled in order to support a particular narrative. No one knew what the truth was. No one could trust the numbers or the information they were being given. Still, no one can.

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Remember CNN’s death counter? Ever wonder how CNN got all that death information when it takes weeks for those deaths to be reviewed and filed? And yet CNN had them the next day? That was manipulation.

It has always been about manipulating information to make things appear to be the way you want people to believe things really are.

How can we ever believe what these people tell us when they’ve so blatantly lied and manipulated us for these 2 years?