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Biden Admits Defeat On Military Vaccine Mandate

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During the epidemic, Joe Biden and Democrats advocated that military personnel be required to obtain the COVID-19 vaccine or injection in order to remain on duty. It was declared that anybody who refused the vaccination would be dismissed from the service.

This scenario was and remains exceptional, as the vaccine was experimental and had problems from the start. It put people in the situation of having to choose between losing their jobs and even their careers or receiving a shot with dangerous and life-threatening adverse effects.

The Daily Caller previously reported:

More than 60,000 soldiers might eventually be discharged for vaccine refusal, even as U.S. armed forces struggle to recruit new personnel. Approximately 40,000 National Guard and 22,000 Reserve soldiers are no longer allowed to participate in military training and federally funded drills, according to Military.com. They will also not receive pay or retirement credit.

Despite this, the directive was pushed through, and many military personnel were compelled to make a risky decision. Those who advocate for civil freedoms reacted immediately and continuously.

Senator Ron Johnson has been pointing out the hypocrisy of forced vaccination of an EUA drug for some time:

Now the requirement will no longer exist, since it has been invalidated by a measure that is likely to become law. This Thursday, Congress passed a $1.7 trillion measure to finance the government through September of 2023.

We Love Trump explains:

The signing of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) included in the bill has put an end to the tyrannical mandates put in place by the Biden administration last year. Despite this victory for civil liberties, thousands of service members were booted from the military for refusing to take a wholly experimental drug and currently have no recourse for their dismissal. Still, this is a major win for individual liberty, religious freedom, and the American way; representatives celebrated the ending of the military vaccine mandate.

Trending Politics supplied the following official statement from a Pentagon official:

“The NDAA requires that, not later than 30 days after enactment, the Secretary of Defense rescind the mandate that members of the Armed Forces be vaccinated against COVID-19. As a result, the Department will rescind the mandate and is currently in the process of developing further guidance. During this process, we are pausing all actions related to the COVID-19 vaccine mandate.”

Sen. Marsha Blackburn celebrated the repeal of the mandate through Twitter.

However, the question of people whose lives were altered by the mandate remains. What can be done to reinstate the individuals who defended their civil freedoms and health?

Tim Scott tweeted about the next actions to be taken to rectify the injustice done to service personnel whose careers were terminated for refusing the injection.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

Unfortunately, the 4,000-page bill also signs away tens of billions to Ukraine—one of the most corrupt countries in Eastern Europe.

Some of the points of the bill are reported by the Hill. CONTINUE READING…

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