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Biden admits Trump is ‘maybe the FUTURE president’

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Joseph Biden, the Democrat known as Loose Cannon, cannot be expected to be linear and consistent on practically any subject.

His lectures are like to watching a drunk ride a roller coaster. Biden is always a “whackobird” and nonlinear, even when discussing President Donald J. Trump.

Biden made a colossal error at a recent event where he spoke about the administrative state’s utopian ideal of expanding and supporting the US Federal government with the monies of US taxpayers to make it even larger and more repressive.

“Biden unveiled the 3rd budget of his presidency, vowing to increase spending, raise taxes, and reduce the federal deficit. Over the next decade, the $6.8 trillion budget proposes approximately $5.5 trillion in tax increases,” The Hill reported.

Furthermore, what he stated about Trump was pretty shocking.

“Biden admits Trump is ‘maybe the FUTURE president’: Democrat crowd boos as President teases 2024 re-match and attacks ‘MAGA Republicans’ in speech on $6.8T budget ‘

I had a big fight with the former President, and maybe future President. Bless me, Father. Anyway — all kidding aside,’ Biden said.

The president was in Philadelphia to talk about his $6.8 trillion budget – which includes $5.5 trillion in new taxes targeted mostly at the wealthy,” The Daily Mail reported.

Biden looked bewildered by the words that came out of his lips this week, despite making some sense over Trump’s future.

We know from several examples that Biden’s speeches are rigorously planned by his managers to prevent his mind from wandering into his own views; nonetheless, Biden seems to have strayed significantly from the script this time.

Even Joe Biden believes that Donald Trump will be the next president, as evidenced by the fact that he stated his true feelings about Trump on that particular day and the subsequent video footage.

Here is how the Daily Mail described the event and Biden’s actions:

“President Biden dubbed Donald Trump ‘maybe the future president’ to a disapproving audience in Philadelphia where he talked about his newly released $6.8 trillion budget.

‘I had a big fight with the former President, and maybe future President. Bless me, Father. Anyway — all kidding aside,’ Biden said, recalling his time on the campaign trail as the crowd at a union hall booed.

While many GOP heavyweights called for the party to ‘move on’ from Trump in the wake of legal investigations, a lackluster showing in the midterms and his laser focus on his 2020 election fraud claims — it appears his star power may be returning.”

Biden may have been seeing the polling:

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

Trump stands well ahead of his Republican primary rivals and other would-be challengers, a recent survey of GOP Primary voters revealed, Just The News reported, adding: CONTINUE READING…

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