Biden Announces He Has Cancer, White House Immediately Responds

Earlier this year, Republican Representative Ronny Jackson (TX-13), who served as White House physician under Trump, expressed concern about Biden’s cognitive decline. In addition to him, approximately 40 other Republican members of the House had the same sentiment. Biden was sent a letter regarding the matter.

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Jackson wrote on Facebook: “I was a White House physician to three U.S. Presidents, and I can tell you something isn’t right with Joe Biden’s cognitive state.”

Part of the letter that was sent to Biden read as follows:

“We are worried about your cognitive and mental abilities. The American people have continuously lost faith in your ability to effectively and competently handle your duties as President of the United States.”

Now Joe is proving it, once again.

He said Wednesday that he has cancer. The White House press office quickly clarified that he was referring to skin cancer treatment he had prior to taking office.

While discussing emissions from oil refineries near his childhood home in Claymont, Delaware, the president made the astonishing health announcement.

“That’s why I and so damn many other people I grew up with have cancer and why for the longest time Delaware had the highest cancer rate in the nation,” Biden declared.

Deputy White House spokesman Andrew Bates pointed The Post to a tweet from Washington Post columnist Glenn Kessler, who reported that Biden had taken care of “non-melanoma skin cancers” before taking office.

Exactly why Biden chose to use the present tense to describe his cancer experience is unclear.

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“He said ‘I have cancer’ in the present tense you absolute dips–t,” said XStrategies LLC’s Greg Price in response to Kessler.

In the meantime, Anarchist author Michael Malice quipped, “Don’t worry about Joe Biden having cancer, he is married to a doctor” — referring to the honorific “Dr.” used by the first lady to indicate her 2007 doctorate in education.

There is a high incidence of skin cancer among older adults who failed to wear sunscreen for much of their youth, and it is normally not life-threatening.

“Biden’s physician, Dr. Kevin O’Connor, issued a health report last year that didn’t refer to the president as suffering from any current cancers,” according to the New York Post.

O’Connor’s report attributed Biden’s skin cancer to time in the sun, rather than exposure to chemicals used by the oil industry.

“It is well-established that President Biden did spend a good deal of time in the sun in his youth,” O’Connor wrote of his patient, a former swimming pool lifeguard.

“He has had several localized, non-melanoma skin cancers removed with Mohs surgery before he started his presidency. These lesions were completely excised, with clear margins,” the doctor added.

However, O’Connor added, “there are no areas suspicious for skin cancer at this time.”

It is possible for skin conditions to worsen when exposed to air pollution. Whether Biden previously linked oil refineries to his skin growths is unclear, as is whether medical experts have mentioned this possibility.

79-year-old Joe Biden is the oldest US president in history, and his mental ability is frequently questioned by the public.

It has been noted, however, that if he is healthy in 2024, he will seek a second term; his defenders have noted that he has made countless gaffes or inaccurate remarks over the years.

His attempts to connect with his audience often lead to him misspeaking.

Former President Barack Obama visited the White House, the first time since leaving the office, for an event in April, during which Biden looked disoriented.

The former president was pictured shaking hands with fans and fellow politicians in the East Room during the event, while Biden looked lost as he wandered around.

The president appeared lost again after he finished a speech about the nation’s ongoing supply chain crisis. He stuck his hand out to shake hands, but no one was on stage with him.

Before the handshake weirdness, the 79-year-old president asserted that he had previously taught at the University of Pennsylvania, despite not teaching there. This is yet another gaffe that has Republicans questioning Biden’s ability to think.

During a speech in Greensboro, North Carolina, Biden signed off by saying ‘God bless you all’ before turning to his right and appearing to shake hands with the empty space behind him and making a handshake.

Biden began to wander aimlessly around the crowded auditorium with an astonished expression on his face after he frantically looked around the stage.

Following this, he bizarrely turned his back to the audience, looking lost as music rolled, marking the end of the speech.

Biden’s strange behavior – one of many recent brain lapses by the president – immediately sparked a firestorm online among many, including Texas Senator Ted Cruz, 51, who pointed to Biden’s latest display of possible cognitive degeneration.

Following Biden’s speech, Cruz shared a clip of the oldest president in US history, with a caption including an emoji to represent how wide-eyed he must have looked.

The actions of Biden at the end of the speech were called elder abuse by some and questioned his mental state.

‘Where are the White House and Biden family handlers whose job it is to make him look good?’ former vice-chair of the California Republican Party. Harmeet Dhillon tweeted.

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‘This is truly bizarre, unless they WANT him to look like a dementia patient,’ she added.

Republican candidate Robby Starbuck, running for a House seat in Tennessee, noted: ‘Oh man. The music makes it 10x worse. This man is unfit to be President. Period.’