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Biden Asked ‘What Do You Want’ to Marine Injured in Afghan Explosion, But That’s Not Even the Worst Part

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Just when you thought your personal opinion of President Joe Biden couldn’t sink any lower, a new story has surfaced that portrays the octogenarian White House occupant as either maliciously ignorant or horrifyingly detached.

Either way, it’s a terrible image for a president who can’t afford any more gaffes as he heads toward a contentious reelection bid in 2024.

The latest Biden gaffe revelation may be the most damning, and the fact that the victim of the president’s stupidity is an actual American hero makes it even worse.

Marine Tyler Vargas-Andrews, who was severely injured during the disastrously bungled withdrawal from Afghanistan in August of 2021, appeared on “The Shawn Ryan Show.”

The Marine spoke on a variety of topics relating to the catastrophe, but he reserved a scathing story about the incumbent president until the final third of the program, which you can view in its entirety below.

WARNING: The following video clip contains language the viewer may find offensive

Vargas-Andrews, who lost a limb while evacuating the American embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan, recounted the time Vice President Biden visited him in the hospital.

“Right away, like, [I] remember him coming up to me, trying to shake my hand, like, [he] tried to shake my right hand” said Vargas-Andrews, who, again, is missing an arm.

The wounded veteran continued: “I look at him, and I’m like, ‘I don’t have an arm,’ and my left arm is in this big a** cast with this giant, orange f***ing foam block around it, [rendering it] completely immobile.’”

Yes, the president of the United States visited the country’s wounded heroes with such care and consideration that he attempted to grasp a hand that wasn’t there.

Things only got worse from there on out.

“All I can do is move my head,” Vargas-Andrews continued. “My arm’s gone, like, I don’t have an arm, and he says, ‘Oh.’”

Biden, evidently still intent on grasping a wounded man’s hand, allegedly then reached out and grasped Vargas-Andrews’ exposed fingertips on his immobilized left arm.


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