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Biden Asked Why Dems Don’t Want to Be Seen with Him, Gives Answer So Incoherent People Ask What Language It Is

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Who thought it would be a good idea for Vice President Joe Biden to be in Moon Township, Pennsylvania, on Thursday to campaign for Senate candidate John Fetterman? From beginning to conclusion, the coverage of the event was a rationale for quickly using the 25th Amendment to remove Biden from office.

The headline of a HotAir article on the day should give you a sense of what transpired: “The Biden-Fetterman rally is every bit as coherent as you’d imagine.”

We will begin at the end. Biden, together with Fetterman and Gisele, the candidate’s wife, and their entourage, entered a neighborhood eatery.

Unseen reporter yelled, “Mr. Fetterman, why’d you decide to appear up here with Biden now?”

Fetterman disregarded the inquiry and slowly made his way toward the entrance.

“Sir, why don’t more candidates want to be seen in public with you like Mr. Fetterman?” the reporter asked the president.

Biden approached the reporter and inquired as to what he was discussing.

“[Sen.] Tim Ryan in Ohio said he doesn’t want you there. [Georgia Sen. Raphael] Warnock wouldn’t say,” he said. “Do you think they’re making a mistake?”

Biden’s reply was incomprehensible. I attempted to comprehend it but determined that you should hear it for themselves.

One Twitter user translated the phrase rather effectively.

More on this story via The Western Journal:

Another identified the language as “Bidenese.” Ah yes.


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