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Biden Becomes Confused 90 Seconds Into Speech, Insists He Took Photo with Congresswoman Who Wasn’t There

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His remarks on Thursday in North Carolina did little to assuage the concerns of Americans regarding the mental health of President Joe Biden.

Biden delivered his address at the Abbott’s Creek Community Center in Raleigh, where he discussed “High-Speed Internet Investments,” as stated in the official transcript of his speech provided by the White House.

Biden did not, of course, confine himself to that subject. As is customary, he began by identifying a few notable attendees, including one individual with whom he believed he had just taken a photograph but who was not present.

Oh, to have the ability to discern the reasoning behind his supervisors’ lapses from the script. Alternatively, I might prefer not to; I doubt I’ve encountered some of those phrases since my time in the military. However, I digress.

Surprisingly, Biden began his speech by reminiscing about a prior error he had committed, as if attempting to establish a new personal brand around his propensity for vocal infelicities.

“Please have a — take a seat, if you have one,” Biden started. “I once said that an event, and people didn’t have chairs. And the press looked at me and said, ‘What the hell is the matter with that guy?’”

Isn’t that a charming little story? That is, assuming it ever transpired, which is not guaranteed in the case of our president. However, regardless of its verifiability, this anecdote does not appear to be the type of strategic feint intended to instill confidence in America’s numerous adversaries, both domestically and internationally.

After appealing to former NCOs in the military, he proceeded to make a personal appeal and thanked Democrat Governor Roy Cooper, describing him as having “absolute, total integrity.” As an NCO himself, he was well aware of this type of pandering.

Although Cooper may not have the same tarnished reputation for corruption as certain politicians (or the sons of politicians, wink, wink), I doubt Biden would acknowledge “absolute, total integrity” even if a blue-ringed cephalopod were to strike him in the kisser.

However, prior to delving into the substance of his prepared remarks, Biden desired to mention one more individual. The remainder is up to the official White House transcript:

“I also want to mention your Congresswoman Deborah Ross. Where’s Deborah? Did she — I just had my picture taken with her. That’s probably why she left. (Laughter.) No, all kidding aside — but, anyway — you — oh, she couldn’t be here, actually. That’s not true. I got it mixed up.

“And she has — you know, she fights very hard for the people of this district, and she is up in Washington right now,” he added.

Honestly, why would you ever doubt the White House transcript? If not, you may view the video provided below. Obviously, you are free to view any portion (or all) of the speech; however, I have scheduled it to commence when Biden begins speaking about Ross.

I know: This might not seem like a big deal — just another gaffe from a career politician who has made so many of them that The Western Journal has an entire category of stories devoted to them. (Seriously. Scroll down to “topics,” below, and click on “Biden gaffes” to see them for yourself.)

However, this further solidifies the barrier that Biden relentlessly constructs—a barrier that restricts all but the most ardent progressives and Democratic Party apparatchiks from perceiving him in any way resembling a capable leader.

That is likely advantageous for the Republican Party, as each error serves as an additional chance to expose the individual’s fallibility. This probably translates to Republican support (or, at the very least, opposition to Democratic support) come November — or October, or tomorrow, or whenever early voting is scheduled by the left in your area.

In contrast, this is most certainly not a positive development for the United States. Regular readers of The Western Journal are not in need of a reminder or identification of America’s numerous adversaries; actions such as this by the leader of the free world invite them to test our fortitude.

That is detrimental to the nation. In actuality, it is detrimental to all individuals.

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