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Biden Bribery Caught On Tape – Damning Phone Calls Between Joe and Hunter Revealed

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In an ongoing and expanding investigation into allegations of influence peddling by the Biden family, a powerful Republican House committee chairman announced on Saturday that his panel will summon additional new witnesses.

In an interview with Fox News host Mark Levin, Rep. James Comer (R-Kentucky), chairman of the House Oversight Committee, accused “deep state bureaucracies” of turning a “blind eye” to the first family’s alleged years-long attempt to profit off of Joe Biden’s name.

Despite significant opposition from the administration of President Biden, he claimed that the group has made some progress.

“Our job in the House Oversight Committee is to follow the money. And we have more bank records coming in. We’re gonna start bringing in key figures in the Biden family influence-peddling schemes for depositions,” Comer told Levin.

“I think we’ve done as much as we could do with the obstacles we’ve had to overcome,” Comer added. “No one thought I would get bank records. No one thought we would get access to the Treasury, and Cabinet’s suspicious activity reports, but we would not take no for an answer.”

The New York Post added the following:

Earlier this month, the FBI caved to subpoena demands from Comer and agreed to allow members of his panel to read the FD-1023 informant file that is believed to have alleged President Biden participated in a multimillion-dollar bribery scheme during his vice presidency.

For weeks, the bureau had resisted his demands, publicly warning that the informant file contained “unverified reporting by a confidential human source.” Comer and Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) claimed they were tipped off about its existence by a whistleblower.

According to Republicans who have read the file, it contains information on two separate $5 million transactions. These transactions allegedly involve remittances made by the director of the Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma Holdings, Mykola Zlochevsky, to Joe Biden and his son Hunter. The funds, it is alleged, were part of a scheme to exert pressure on Ukraine to dismiss a prosecutor investigating Bulimia. The Post reports that at the time, Hunter Biden was a member of the board of directors.

Comer continued by arguing that the FBI’s justifications for disobeying court orders to produce requested records only support his claim that the FBI and other organizations are attempting to conceal the Bidens.

In addition, he asserted that the FBI and the Department of Justice are not transparent with the American people, citing their contradictory justifications as evidence.

“You heard in the testimony when Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley grilled the deputy FBI director as to why they wouldn’t release the Form 1023, they said, ‘Well, we don’t want to endanger the life of our paid informant who’s one of our most trusted, highest paid, most credible FBI informants,’” Comer told Levin.

“If this is the case — and the FBI informant [is] credible and the FBI informant tells the FBI that the vice president of the United States took a bribe from a foreign national in exchange for foreign policy and foreign aid — then why did the FBI not investigate it?” Comer said.

Comer stated earlier this week that the FBI is investigating Biden for potential corruption.

During their conversation, Comer and “Sunday Night in America” presenter Trey Gowdy discussed the ongoing House Republican investigation into Biden and his family’s alleged business dealings. Comer was informed by the FBI that Biden is “currently under investigation for bribery.”

Comer discussed the declassified FBI form FD-1023, which asserted that former vice president Biden participated in a pay-to-play bribery scheme.

FBI Director Christopher Wray “finally” acknowledged the existence of the form, according to Comer, after Comer and Sen. Chuck Grassley claimed to have evaluated the document, which was allegedly obtained from a whistleblower.

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