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Biden Campaign Joins Truth Social – Immediately Regrets It

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In response to his exclusion from the rebranded social media platform Twitter, the President of the United States established an alternative social media website. Truth Social has evolved into a universal platform, with former President Donald Trump being among the first to publish content there prior to other social media platforms.

Censorship is a defining characteristic of the Joe Biden administration, which is led by Democrats. Free speech is routinely restricted, and the administration consistently fabricates its own “truth” with the assistance of the liberal mainstream media in large numbers.

It is possible that they have come to the conclusion that free speech and facts no longer exist in the United States, given that the Biden faction recently joined Truth Social and evidently intended to use it as an additional forum to disseminate their views.

However, it appears that they were taken aback when truth-seekers on the site rejected their rhetoric, and their initial posts encountered a barrier of free speech.

Red State reports:

For reasons not immediately apparent to anyone, the Biden-Harris campaign joined Truth Social on Monday, firing off a series of posts. The site was founded after Trump was banned from what was then called Twitter and essentially serves as the former president’s personal social media alternative.

Once the first post went up from the “Biden-Harris HQ” account, it was immediately ratioed, and not to provide a warm welcome.

In an attempt to troll, the new Biden-Harris HQ account, which features an avatar of the president with glowing red eyes, started posting clips of Trump’s primary candidates criticizing him. I guess low-paid Democrat campaign staffers think that’s some kind of brilliant slam as if Biden’s current vice president didn’t call him a racist during their own primary battle.

The comments on the first post that Biden-Harris HQ put up were not kind.

The inquiry immediately arises as to why the Biden-Harris faction would believe that their liberal posts would be well received on a social media platform populated by conservatives, Republicans, and freedom fighters. Given how readily the Democrats have indoctrinated so many liberals, did the campaign believe that this unobtrusive method of communication would “turn” site visitors?

Reed State continues:

Does this move strike anyone as the kind of thing a confident, not-at-all-floundering presidential campaign would do? Biden’s handlers understand there are no votes to be won on Truth Social, a site that caters exclusively to Trump supporters. So why are they doing it? The answer is that things are just that bad.

At present, Vice President Biden is confronted with formidable challenges that are unprecedented in the annals of modern history. As the cost of living soars and interest rates reach levels that render homeownership unattainable, the economy is in a state of disarray. The region encompassing the southern frontier is a catastrophe zone, imposing incalculable financial and social burdens on the nation as well as an incalculable human cost. The most recent instance of the deteriorating situation abroad was a catastrophic attack by Hamas on Israel, which claimed the lives of thirty Americans and held others captive.

Presently, one can not discern any unbiased source that affirms the positive state of affairs in the United States of America. Some may argue that the unemployment rate provides some solace, but in a world where so many individuals are struggling to make ends meet and many are forced to work multiple jobs, how reassuring is that number?

Therefore, there is no better time than the present to attempt to foment Republican infighting and cause a distraction. This is precisely what joining Truth Social entails. This maneuver aims to divert attention away from Biden’s historic failings by attempting to rouse Trump. It is not likely to be successful. Instead, it undermines the credibility of the president’s campaign.

It is not unexpected, therefore, that the Democrats are clinging to straws. As the legal assaults against Trump intensify, his support base expands and more individuals become cognizant of the persecution a former president endures at the hands of the ruling opposition party.

The escalating costs, the uncontrolled infiltration of the United States by the millions of people who cross the southern border daily from all over the world, and the potential outbreak of World War III in the Middle East and other regions are awakening even the most dim-witted citizens to the fact that the United States requires a president capable of addressing each of the aforementioned issues.

This week, Trump himself stated on social media:

“Through weakness you get war. The Biden Administration is the weakest and most incompetant in the history of the U.S., except when using corrupt law enforcement to attack your Political Opponent – but actually, that’s weakness also!”

The question is not whether former President Trump is qualified for the position; according to polls, the majority of Americans are certain of that. Is it possible that he could be reinstated to power in time to prevent the disintegration of the United States as we know it?

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